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The Giving Habit - By Kate Ndigirigi

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This Bingwa article about giving teaches children the importance of sharing, and that there is always a right time to give gifts and presents when done for the right reason. Below you can see that modern research further support this, as it is now proven that you feel happier when you are able to give and share with others.

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The Giving Habit - Bingwa article on the happiness of giving

We all love to receive presents, but it is important for us to give as well.

The magazine for the children of Africa, page 39 - Bingwa Magazine issue 001, 2009


Most of us find Christmas, birthdays and other occasions exciting because of the presents we receive. We all love to receive presents, but it is important for us to give as well.

A few years ago, I started buying gifts for my friends and family. I once bought a cartoon character cup for my sister, and she was very excited. It was a pleasure to make someone I care about happy.

I realised that giving is not about what's in the box but the satisfaction we receive on seeing someone else happy. The greatest gifts are those passed on to others. Giving builds relationships and keeps them strong. It shows people they are loved. What is more, one does not have to spend too much money.

Take the case of my friend Brenda. She only had 20 shillings to spend when her friends came to visit her. She decided to buy a chocolate bar, cut it into pieces and share with them. One bar was enough for all of them.

You can give gifts to different types of people. For example:

fruits basket

Give a gift to different types of people.

Needy people
You can give a pair of shoes to someone who does not have any.

Friends and family
Giving gifts to our friends and family members shows we appreciate them.

People who are going through hard times
Giving gifts to people in difficult times will boost their mood and encourage them. While we associate gift giving with holidays and birthdays, we can give all the time. There's no time limit or set season for giving, as long as we give for the right reasons.

Sometimes people give for the wrong reasons. They may give to intimidate, to compete or to get rid of something. Remember that some people will get offended if you give away something they gave you. It's good to let them know, and to explain to them why you are parting with their gift before you pass it on to someone else.

So, go ahead and share what you have, any time!

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