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Sustainable solutions that reduce poverty

"The Better Globe Way" creates a sustainable movement where everyone involved wins. People in need can receive help and benefits that charity is unknown to offer, and those helping get returns that can improve their economy.

Now you can support sustainable dryland tree planting solutions that reduce poverty in East-African. The trees you buy are come with a very good and long-term profit, which also help prevent corruption by improving both accountability and sustainability while providing jobs and income opportunities locally. And opposed to charities that many people find difficult to give to month after month, Better Globe becomes a sustainable solution for your economy because you know the more you buy trees or Donation Packages, the more profit you get in future return.

Below you will find the core benefits of The Better Globe Way as listed in our top banner. Incidentally Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg's new book of 2013 is also called: "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP - The Better Globe Way: A Holistic and Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship - Where YOU also Profit on Your Donations".

This unique book is no literary masterpiece, but it is nonetheless a revolution in poverty reduction and how to get people around the world to participate in poverty eradication on an ongoing basis. We highly recommend reading it!

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Carefully adapted sustainable solutions reduce poverty in East Africa, creating more core benefits then we can fit in this box. Click on the benefits above and use the browser's back button to return, or read through the benefits start to end.

- Take action to support sustainable solutions that reduce African poverty.

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What are the "Better Globe Way" benefits?

Better Globe Ambassador Audun - BetterGlobeTrees.com, 24th of October 2013

More Jobs

Pruning mango trees - Nyangoro plantation

More jobs

When Better Globe Forestry plant trees bought online through Better Globe they are creating jobs in arid- semi arid lands (ASAL) where little or no job opportunities are available. Because these are challenging growing conditions and profits are promised the buyers, extra care is needed including security, land preparation, water management, pruning, harvesting, and more, all contributing to even more jobs. Better Globe Forestry is the biggest employer in the areas they operate, which by the way also see up to 50 percent reduction in crime as unemployment drops.

More Education

Happy to be back at school - Child Africa

More education

Through the Better Globe Donation Package (DP) you can support education in Kenya and Uganda as each sold gives €1.5 to Child Africa. The NGO was formed by Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg and his wife Julie Solberg in 1991, and the funds coming in from the sales of Better Globe DPs go towards building schools in Uganda that also encompass deaf children. Two schools in Kenya close to the plantations have also been renovated and continue to receive support. Some BG customers also sponsor a child's education through Child Africa.

More Water

BG donates water and teach water management

More water

Planting trees in ASAL water is a constant challenge, even when it is raining fast running streams are formed on the dry and barren soil, causing erosion, filling up lakes and waterholes with runoff soil and sediments. On the Kiambere site alone over 3000 water traps were set manually in order to slow the water streams when we visited in 2011. Tree planting in itself also bind more water to the soil and many other water management strategies are in place, which local farmers learn from. The DP also include 500 litres of donated water and water management is also discussed in Miti.

Rino interview close to Sosoma tree plantation

More income

Better Globe provide jobs that stimulate local economy and also offer outgrower schemes to help local farmers make an income from trees and agriculture in general. In addition Miti tree planting magazine published by Better Globe Forestry work as an ongoing training program for anyone interested in making money from trees in ASAL. Income is not limited to East-Africa though, people all over the world have the ability to become Ambassadors and both profit from trees and earn an income selling them. Better Globe calls this "Prosperity with Purpose".

More Profit

Plan your profits and buy trees and/or Donations

More profit

East-African farmers learn water management and other agricultural techniques that together with microfinance sponsored through the Donation Package may help increase local profits. We who contribute also get to profit through the trees we buy and the 2 trees that come with every Donation Package. With a minimum promised profit of between 6 and 11 times the purchase price it is difficult to find anything that is more profitable than the Better Globe products. Trees represent an economical-, environmental- and social profit that grows day by day.

Bingwa article on happiness and giving

More happiness

Can you imagine people who never had access to job opportunities, that now see hope for the future, who get support for their children's education, who get a chance to build their economy while crime is declining and food security increasing, do you think they are happy? We who take part in this green and sustainable development are also likely to live happier lives. Most of the great achievements we hear about comes from people who have had goals in life that are bigger than themselves. Modern research confirms; helping others is a great source of happiness!

More Sustainability

Learn more about Better Globe and sustainability

More sustainability

Better Globe creates three-dimensional sustainability by securing that clients like you and me can always continue to help as we build our economy in the process. There is no reason to stop helping when you earn a profit, thus creating economic sustainability. This is further developed together with social sustainability, as the poor communities can build their economy by turning unproductive dryland into green land, also building supporting industries in the future. Tree planting and sustainable forestry practices creates environmental sustainability.

More Food Security

Food and money grow on Better Globe trees

More food security

By only planting trees in arid and semi arid areas Better Globe is pioneering, perfecting and sharing techniques and innovations that help local farmers increase the yield of their land. Tree- and water donations together with microfinance are other ways to stimulate food production. The trees planted also offer benefits such as food, medicine (predominantly Apple mango trees and Mukau trees are planted when we buy trees, but donated trees may vary based on location, availability and needs) and much needed protection against erosion and desertification.

Less Inequality

Buy trees + Donation Packages = a better future

Less inequality

Perhaps more important than most people realize, less inequality is not just about reducing or eliminating child labour by stimulating local economy, making water available so that children are not forced to walk hours to fetch it, or build and renovate schools to promote education. It is not only about providing jobs and infrastructure, nor providing the consumer choices we in western countries take for granted. As much as the above may be important, less inequality also directly affects us all, as equality promotes global security, something we all seem to be in dire need of these days.

Less Corruption

Get free "Integrity" download at Audun's profile

Less corruption

There is almost nothing that puts the development of a nation and its people at a greater disadvantage than corruption. Better Globe addresses corruption by enforcing integrity in all their transactions and business practices, the profitability of their operations also promote accountability. CEO Rino Solberg's book, Put Integrity First, is made available for free to schools and universities in Africa through free download. Child Africa focuses on integrity by teaching it as a separate subject at all their schools and thoroughly addressing it in Bingwa to further influence the future leaders of Africa.

Less Erosion

Mukau trees stoping erosion to Lake Kiambere

Less erosion

Trees bind water in the soil and reduce erosion caused by wind and rainfall. The areas Better Globe operate in is very prone to erosion, local farmers are hardly able to live off the land. Natural forests do a better job against erosion than tree plantations, but in these areas forests are in all practicality out of the question. Sustainable agroforestry on the other hand is probably one of the best ways to both cure the land and provide jobs in these areas. Tree- and water donations, training in water management and agriculture together with outgrower schemes is having a major impact on erosion.

Less Hunger

BG promotes opportunities for poor farmers

Less hunger

Better Globe is making a huge impact by providing jobs in areas where food is scarce. Through the progress Better Globe is making researching tree planting and soil management local farmers are able to learn by visiting the plantations and reading Miti, Better Globe Forestry's tree planting magazine. All progress and practical knowledge obtained is presented in the magazine, which function as an ongoing training program for its readers. Food security is further improved through produce from trees, microfinance loans and meals provided at Child Africa schools in Uganda.

Less CO2

Become carbon neutral + use our CO2 free seal

Less CO2

Each tree absorbs 500 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. The Donation Package contains 2 owner trees and 2 trees that are donated, so each you buy cuts 2 tons of CO2 from your carbon footprint. Although it is well known that forest trees absorb more CO2 than plantation trees, there are further benefits as Better Globe plant trees in drylands where little grows. The trees have a bigger impact by providing shade and binding moist in the ground, and more importantly by providing timber from sustainable forestry in the future and thereby reducing the pressure on natural forests.

Less Poverty

Cheap microfinance loans help 450+ families

Less poverty

Contrary to charity Better Globe provide an increasing number of jobs as more people are buying trees and Donation Packages on a permanent basis. Workforce is needed for tree planting, clearing the land, feasibility- and environmental studies, security, harvesting and other activities. Opening of the first community owned microfinance cooperative also means that Kenyan farmers can invest in their land and earn more off it. Education also plays a vital part in reducing poverty. When parents earn more children can go to school and will be better equipped for the future.

Less Desertification

Manual water traps reduce water flow + erosion

Less desertification

Deserts are eating up arable land at an alarming rate across Africa and tree planting is perhaps the best way to reverse desertification. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) it is estimated that by 2030 Africa will lose two thirds of its arable land if desertification and the spread of arid, desert-like areas is not stopped. We can reduce the threat desertification poses to arable land and food security. Together with the local communities we can plant trees where they are most needed and we can all be both profitable and sustainable.

Less Drought

Large number of trees may help increase rainfall

Less drought

Desertification, drought and erosion makes for a deadly trio. Although closely linked they often need different and targeted solutions. Better Globe Forestry's Miti Magazine discusses a variety of solutions for all three in different articles, which is as mentioned educational to its readers. Arid and desert-like areas requires exceptional water management and effective water capture when rain first comes. Better Globe is constantly refining methods to suit the needs on the different plantations. And besides binding more water to the soil trees also attract more rainfall.


And there you have it. "The Better Globe Way" really provides many unique and sustainable solutions that reduce poverty in East Africa, while also benefiting those who support this socially responsible green development. And all that is needed to push this social entrepreneurship forward now is your participation.

Can the East African communities count on your support?

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