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Green Opportunity: Become a Better Globe customer

The company that helps you to do good in the world and become a greener and richer person

Most people would not associate the term "green opportunity" with becoming a customer of a company. That is however the case with Better Globe. On this page you will get an introduction to this green opportunity and how your purchases can enrich your life, help solve some of the greatest challenges of our time and even make you a richer person long-term.

As a Better Globe customer you also have the opportunity to become an Ambassador with the potential to earn an income from sales. This is of course optional. You can choose to do this from the very beginning, at a later stage if you feel the urge to share Better Globe's eco products to others, or you can just continue to be a customer. Regardless you are doing good in the world, becoming a greener person and you get returns on your trees.

Profitable climate action that will drive social change

As a social enterprise Better Globe has two profitable eco products and both the trees and Donation Packages help drive social change in Kenya's arid and semi arid lands (ASAL). It is in ASAL you find some of the poorest communities with some of the highest unemployment rates.

When you buy trees or Donation Packages online from Better Globe you help to transform these communities through sustainable development. At the same time you receive return payments over 20 years while making a significant environmental impact.

Mukau trees planted in arid and semi-arid lands in Kiambere plantation in Kenya

2-3 years old Mukau trees planted in ASAL

The trees you buy online will help green arid and semi arid lands and reduce desertification and soil erosion. Your trees will help compensate for your carbon and ecological footprint. In the future they may also help reduce deforestation in tropical forests, thus also protecting biodiversity.

Tree planting in ASAL is not comparable to how trees typically are planted in commercial tree plantations, often taking up fertile land that could have been used for food production, which in turn may cause conflicts with local communities. Better Globe on the other hand provide economical, environmental and social benefits that allow you to take profitable climate action that help drive social change in poor communities living close to the plantations.

Tree planting for a safer future

Girl comforted by her teddy bear

Help plant trees for future generations

Regardless if you believe in human made climate change or not we can all agree that we believe in the many unique benefits of trees. Crucial as they are to reduce desertification and soil erosion to improve local food security trees also have a significant long-term global impact. Crop failures and poverty in an interconnected world only remains a local challenge for so long. For a safer future of mankind there is no doubt that we have to both plant more trees and do something to reduce poverty.

For those of us that do know the dangers of climate change to be true tree planting is even more important. Besides lifestyle changes and conscious consumption tree planting is one of our very best strategies to offset our carbon footprint and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. By supporting tree planting in arid and semi arid lands you maximize your environmental impact and improve the conditions for future generations.

A plan B for retirement

relaxed pensioner sitting

Buying trees online can help secure your retirement

Around the world governments are making cuts in pension plans and the economy has its never-ending ups and downs. We are living on a planet where natural resources are depleted and consumption and business practices are unsustainable. Even the way our currency systems work is unsustainable, which is also evident in inflation and surging food prices.

Trees come with their own set of risks, but they are very different from what you find in any type of financial market where you can invest your money. Saving some of your money in trees is a great way to diversify and overall improve the outlook for your financial future. And with the increasing demand for tropical timber while supply is unsustainable (deforestation) and shrinking, prices are expected to rise in the foreseeable future.

It is also important to mention that trees have intrinsic value and keep on growing regardless of what happens in the financial markets. Trees as an investment have outperformed stock markets for many years now and there is no sign the trend will end.

A greener and richer life with Better Globe

Buying eco products with a promised return of 6.5 to 11 times the retail purchase price no doubt can give you a richer life when you buy on a regular and ongoing basis. And we think that although grammatically incorrect we can conclude that the more trees you buy the greener you become.

Better Globe is not only about creating a richer life for yourself though. Equally important you get to assist people in need so they can work their own way out of poverty. You provide hope and maybe also inspiration, which in turn also enriches your own life. Research has several times over demonstrated that helping others can have a major impact on your own happiness. So it is safe to say that you are likely in many ways to experience a greener and richer life with Better Globe.

Green business opportunity

afro-american woman money on tree

Money do grow on trees from Better Globe

We have already mentioned that you at anytime can try your skills at selling Better Globe's eco products to those around you. To do so there are some commitments involved, but nothing that is likely to stop you if you feel comfortable letting more people know about Better Globe's green customer opportunity. Considering what Better Globe is doing and all the social and environmental benefits, how many do you think would be interested?

If you would like to know more about this sustainable business opportunity and what it means to become a Better Globe Ambassador you can continue reading on our Ambassador opportunity page.

Regardless we hope you will take profitable climate action with us and help drive social change in some of the poorest areas in Kenya. Embrace the opportunity to do more good in the world.

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