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Green Opportunity: Become an Ambassador

The green business opportunity that is profitable even if you don't sell a single product

As a Better Globe Ambassador you get the opportunity to increase your environmental and social impact while earning a commission on sales made by you and your sales team. Donation Packages and trees are socially responsible eco products that pays a return to the buyer. And because you earn profits on your own purchases you remain profitable even if you do not sell a single tree.

With Better Globe you have the power to transform your life in many positive ways while caring for future generations and getting paid commission up to 5 times per month. Combine that with greening drylands and the happiness of helping others, and you have a powerful green income opportunity that makes a real difference in the world. But how is it possible to earn a green income stream without any sales?

The eco products you buy to qualify for commission are profitable and consist of trees that are planted in East Africa. There is no stock of products that you have to buy and resell. Regardless of what you and your sales team sell you earn profits from harvesting of produce, mainly gum arabic and a variation of the Mango fruit called Apple mango. In the future some of the trees are cut for local production of sustainable hardwood products.

This in turn may help satisfy some of the increasing demand for tropical hardwood, reduce the stress on tropical forests and help preserve biodiversity. And on top of that it helps store carbon over a longer time and you earn a significant profit on the timber.

Think about that for a second: This is the green business opportunity where you and your customers get to be profitable while helping East African families out of extreme poverty and become self-reliant. You get to be part of the solution for the future. You get to offer something that everyone needs. Either we know it or not; we all need more trees to be planted, we all need to do something about poverty, and most of us could do with a bit of extra savings for the future.

Who can become a Better Globe Ambassador?

Anyone can be part of Better Globe's green and socially responsible business opportunity. It is suitable for all people, website owners, organizations, companies, institutions, sports teams, etc that are concerned with helping people in need.

If you care about the environment, want to be part of the solution for the future, would like to earn a living doing good in the world, then Better Globe is the green business opportunity for you. With us you get to help people reduce their carbon footprint and improve their financial future. And through a strategy similar to crowdfunding and social impact investing you and your customers change lives in East Africa.

Better Globe Ambassadors are independent sales people that promote Better Globe's products to others for a sales commission. To do so you get an affiliate link from Better Globe that you can promote, and any sales through that link will be credited to you. Contact us to learn more about how you, your company or organization can earn an income as a social entrepreneur with Better Globe.

Ambassador requirements

To participate in this green business opportunity there are some easy to follow requirements. The illustration below shows the economic commitments through a 12-month period, as well as the financial returns from trees you acquire. You also see your minimum environmental and social contribution in numbers. We have not mentioned the income from sales, what you see is sheer returns on trees and produce. Contact us to learn more about the sales commissions.

Ambassador annual commitment

Besides the economic commitments Ambassadors are expected to provide support to their customers. In the case of companies or organizations getting involved we at BetterGlobeTrees.com may help relieve the need to spend time on customer support if that has been pre-agreed. We will also be available to Ambassadors in need of assistance, either it be customer support, sales and marketing, meetings and basically anything else that may help plant more trees.

To increase the odds of success we recommend those who can afford it to buy additional trees on a monthly basis to increase future returns and the environmental and social impact in Kenya. Putting extra trees on automated purchase show prospects the true potential in terms of returns and can help you sell more trees. It is not a requirement, but a great way of increasing the potential of your business.

Green income stream

Ambassadors earn revenue by selling trees and Donation Packages through their affiliate page. This in turn triggers income through a bonus system. As an affiliate you have the potential to benefit from sales through teamwork, your personal sales and the sales of the sales team you build.

Commission is only paid on sales of Donation Packages and trees, which are the two eco products Better Globe is selling at the moment. The commission on the Donation Package comes from the two owner-trees it contains. Commissions have no impact on the promised return payments to customers, their profit is unchanged by any income Ambassadors earn.

Better Globe's eco products are very profitable and help both people in need and the environment. Customers are therefore likely to buy on a monthly basis if they are well informed about the benefits and get the support they need. Remember to go forward as a good example and use your own purchases to illustrate what is possible in terms of environmental impact, social impact and return payments.

A successful Better Globe Ambassador earns a green income stream with payouts up to 5 times a month, weekly on trees and monthly on Donation Package sales. The more customers you find that buy trees or Donation Packages on a regular basis the more you expand your environmental impact, income potential and social impact.

If you become part of our green portal with your own Ambassador profile we will also work to facilitate sales for you through marketing, various merchandise, our seals for CSR and by creating other unique benefits and selling points. We are in it to help you succeed and to bring Better Globe closer to the goal of planting one tree for every person on earth. Contact us to discover if social entrepreneurship with Better Globe is the right thing for you.

Eco products the world needs

People can agree to disagree about many issues these days. Unfortunately the effect we have on the climate is for some one of those controversial issues. Nobody however will dispute that we need to plant more trees. It is estimated that we have managed to cut down more than 50 percent of the world’s trees and forests since we first stepped out of Africa, and it is having a terrible effect worldwide. Everything from biodiversity to desertification, access to clean water and the world's food security is highly reliant of how many trees we leave in the ground.

The first thing that leaps to mind in order to deal with some of the world's greatest challenges is perhaps not becoming a tree owner in East Africa. Our challenge as Ambassadors is to show how Better Globe through dryland tree planting is a great opportunity to take action and help people in need, protect biodiversity and future generations, reduce deforestation in tropical forests and secure a better financial future for all who contribute.

With the ability to do all this and so much more with a few clicks in front of a computer there is no doubt that Better Globe's eco products benefit everyone. This is after all; the green business opportunity where everyone wins.

Discover the income opportunity with Better Globe

To discover the full income opportunity you need to have an idea about the potential product appeal. We therefore strongly recommend you read through the benefits page as well as the customer opportunity page if you are unsure if your should spend some of your time and money with Better Globe.

The page About us also gives you a indication of what we intend to do for our customers and Ambassadors in case you have an interest in being part of our team here on the web portal.

Coming this far we hope you are motivated to contact us or one of our sales people to learn more about this green business opportunity and earning an income by doing good in this world. Discover if social entrepreneurship with Better Globe is the right thing for you.

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