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Green Gift Ideas for Trees that Keep on Giving

Original and sustainable gift ideas that can change the world

Discover the benefits of giving trees or Donation Packages from Better Globe as the perfect eco-friendly and philanthropic gift. When you buy trees online to give as a present from Better Globe you get instant access to a PDF gift certificate that you can send to the lucky recipient by email. You can also print the gift certificate and frame it, or come up with any other innovative idea to green up the occasion. You do not need to be a Better Globe customer to give someone else trees or Donation Packages.

If you want to donate a tree instead to commemorate someone, to celebrate a newborn baby by planting a tree, or honour the memory of a loved one, you can look for Trees4Family on our eco-friendly products list. Gift certificates are available for different occasions and each tree help feed East African school children for 30 to 40 years. When you donate through Trees4Family the recipient does not receive returns as seen blow for the Better Globe products, but a tree will be planted in their name. Through the eco products page you may also find other green and sustainable gifts.

Comparison between Better Globe Tree and Donation Package

As you can see trees and Donation Packages are socially responsible eco-friendly gifts that continue to give as the return is paid over 20 years. The first 4 years there is no returns because the trees are too young. From year 5 through the 19th year the gift receiver accumulates 15% (€2.25) annually per tree per year. The 20th year the ownership ends with a minimum return of €170 per tree and sustainable tropical hardwood products are produced. These timber products may help reduce deforestation in tropical forests and preserve biodiversity.

Green gift ideas that can help celebrate any occasion

Wedding Gift

Give a positive long-term gift for a loving life-time commitment

Tree and Donation Packages are perfect as wedding gifts

In many countries there are shops specializing in wedding gifts and a complete list of whishes is kept at the store, which does not leave much room for a surprise if you want to do something special. With Better Globe you can really do something unique by gifting trees or Donation Packages that will continue to give for almost 20 years.

A marriage is a long-term commitment, something given away by "age" at the end of the word. So why not celebrate the couple with a present that will grow with them, give long-term returns and make the future a bit greener? With trees you also offset some of that carbon footprint from the festivities and make a small contribution towards a safer future for the new family.

New Baby Present

Your baby gift can help plant one tree for every person on earth

Why are tree gifts perfect to celebrate a newborn baby?

Better Globe Trees and Donation Packages help people living under difficult conditions and are great gifts to celebrate a newborn. Trees are also a symbol of life and in many cities around the world they do plant a tree for every newborn, a great effort for a greener and more sustainable future. Better Globe Trees also help the economy by paying returns over 20 years, perfect for saving for education, a new apartment or anything else that would be needed in the future.

You can also celebrate the newborn by donating a fruit or nut tree to East African school children. See Trees4Family on our page for eco-friendly products. With a donation through Trees4Family there is no returns. With the Donation Package you both donate and give trees.

Birthday Gift

A green eco gift that keeps on giving for long-term happiness

Why Better Globe has the perfect birthday gifts

Worldwide happiness is in decline despite all the stuff we acumulate. Wealth and consumerism might make some of us happier, but research indicates that true happiness comes from sharing and giving.

With Better Globe you can gift trees that keep on giving while helping poor communities, or even include the birthday person in the process of giving by presenting them with a Donation Package. The birthday person would then get 2 trees that pays € 416.5 over 20 years, while 2 trees are donated to underpriveliged communities in East Africa together with 500 litres of water, and €1.5 each goes to microfinance and construction and renovation of schools. Would this make your birthday person happy on their special day?

Christmas Gift

Do you also plan to have green gifts under the Christmas tree?

Why give a green and socially responsible Christmas gift?

For many people around the world the Christmas spirit is all about sharing, giving and compassion. What better time to give a gift that is socially responsible and help those less fortunate, while also giving a return to the person receiving the Christmas gift. Many of us also cut a tree to have in our livingroom for Christmas decoration, so what could be more appropriate that making sure that at least 1 tree get planted every Christmas to compensate the planet?

Here on Better-Globe-Trees.com you can donate a fruit or nut tree in someone's name through our eco-friendly product page, under BUY in the menu you can purchase trees or Donation Packages as eco-friendly Christmas presents and a gift certificate is instantly ready.

Company Gift

Give green gifts to strengthen corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility with green corporate gifts

By supporting dryland tree planting Companies can promote social responsibility when they give gifts to employees, partners or as part of a customer loyalty program. Corporate social responsibility has never been more important for brand messaging, sales and public image. With Better Globe your company can give trees or Donation Packages as green gifts for just about any occasion.

Our green business portal also offer seals for CSR related to the carbon offset and social impact of trees and Donation Packages. For any company with a green or social profile these are easy gifts to administer and give. Surprise someone with a green corporate gift that keeps on giving while supporting social change in East Africa.

Valentine Gift

Let your original and loving Valentine's gift come from nature

Give tree gifts as a symbol of growing love on Valentine's Day

Some of us have our most romantic moments in nature so it does make sense to give trees or Donation Packages as Valentine's Day gifts, either it is for him or for her. We all love nature, so a green surprise that helps protect our environment while reducing poverty is a great choice for anyone that wants to make an environmental or social impact. Trees are also symbols or life, love and nurture, all great attributes in any relationship.

With Better Globe you can give an eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving through 20 years and helps create a greener future for you both.

Father's Day Present

Give an eco-frienly gift for a father that cares about nature

Easy to find the perfect Father's day gift year after year?

Finding a "great" present for Father's day can be a true challenge year. Many dads, at least those of a certain age, seem to have most of what they need in life, so how can you make a good Father's Day surprise and show him how much he means to you?

Trees and Donation Packages can be the perfect choice for a successful Father's Day gift. It will give him something positive to discover more about and at the same time help create a better future for his children, and the future is something parents are becoming increasingly concerned about. With Better Globe you can give your father a green gift that brings hope for the future and to future generations.

Original Gift

Give a green gift and you also give a gift to the world

The original tree gift that is quick to buy and keeps on giving

Better Globe has giant ambitions, including planting one tree per person on earth; 7 billion and counting. And for this tree planting activity to take place a vast people movement is needed. By giving a truly original present in form of a gift certificate for trees or Donation Packages you help support the drive for social change and a greener Africa.

And if you think about it: Suddenly the lucky recipient is a tree owner in Kenya, helps disadvantaged communities, starts to get an annual dividend from the 5th year of ownership and his or hers carbon footprint suddenly got quite a bit lighter. That's a green and original gift that is difficult to compete with.

The perfect gift alternatives for any occasion

Instead of Consumerism

What will you choose; consume more, or give more?

Trees or Donation Packages are great instead of consumerism

Giving trees planted in East-Africa's drylands to help local communities is far better than just buying a random gift to have "something" to give. The sad truth is that on average new gifts that are not of long-term use ends up on landfills within months.

We have an enormous consumption and commercials are constantly telling us we need more. And although sustainable living has become a trend with some many more of us needs to move from consumerism and over to a more thoughtful approach to what we have. You can also do this with giving. Know someone that has too much stuff? Give them a green and eco-friendly gift. When you give trees and Donation Packages everybody wins!

Instead of Gift Card

With a gift card you give once, with a tree you give for 20 years

Are gift cards the hero of the unimaginative mind?

No doubt the right gift card can be a good and welcomed gift, but do you know the needs of the recepient right now? In Norway in 2006 it was estimates that as much as €290 million in gift cards and IOUs remained unused. The high season for gift cards is Christmas, but perhaps a tree or Donation Package that gives over 20 years while help reducing poverty could be better choice for the occasion.

With the corporate world trying to steal Christmas to make you buy their products it is easy to give in. But keep in mind, if there is no real needs on the recipient's side and you are unsure what to give then a gift certificate for trees or Donaton Packages can be a welcomed gift over a gift card that may never be used. Go green instead.

Instead of Last Minute Present

With Better Globe Trees you give more and stress less

Better Globe has stress free solutions to the last minute gift

With Better Globe you can within the comfort of your home give a loving and caring gift in minutes. You do not have to be a customer with Better Globe in order to give trees or Donation Packages as gifts. Last minute of or not, all you need is a MasterCard or Visa, and a gift certificate can be ready for print or email in less than 2 minutes.

Trees and Donation Packages are great as last minute gifts and if time permits you can even frame the gift certificate or find other creative ways of presenting your gift. Buying something in the very last minute might seem like it is saving the day, but not always. So bet on green and sustinable present from Better Globe to save the day, your perfect gift is just a few clicks away.

Instead of Money Gift

Turn your money gift into a positive surprise with Better Globe

Why give a money gift when money grows on trees?

Money gifts are perhaps the most sought after gift for some age groups, but if money becomes a repetitive gift the allure may dwindle. Luckily Better Globe comes to the rescue, especially for younger generations. Give a gift that helps someone in need while improving the economic and environmental future of the recipient.

Giving trees or Donation Packages is great for children as they can learn more about trees, helping others, and as the annual payments start children can also learn about saving and maybe even investing in their future. By choosing Better Globe you also get to give allot more. A tree only cost €17, but pays €208.25 in returns, so it is safe to say that money grows on trees from Better Globe.

Instead of Chocolate Gift

Chocolate is no guarantee, seal it with a tree…

Tree gifts over chocolate or trees together with Fairtrade?

In fear of retaliation from an angry mob of chocoholics we reluctantly argue Better Globe over a chocolate gift. Unfortunately chocolate is a somewhat controversial gift because how some of them are made today, which includes both health hazards from unnatural ingredients, as well as child labour. The chocolate industry is getting better, but unless you buy Fairtrade chocolate it can be difficult to know if children have been forced to work on the chocolate plantation or not.

So make sure that if you go for a chocolate gift instead of a trees that you choose Fairtrade or organic to give the best possible gift, and perhaps even throw in a tree to make it a CO2 free present.

Instead of Wine

Wine gifts can be perfect, but only when you get it right

Are philanthropic tree gifts better than a wine gift?

Wine gifts are traditional presents for a dinner party, but how do you choose a good wine? We will not pretend to hold the answer. We can however tell you that a tree or a Better Globe Donation Package is likely to spice up the table conversation a bit more than a bottle of wine. The obvious exception perhaps being wine enthusiasts that has not quite caught up yet on the impact climate change will have on wine production. In fact, climate change and global warming is putting traditional regions of winemaking at great risk.

So give an eco-friendly present that sparks interesting conversation and even help preserve the wine gift as an option for the future. You may also donate a tree, see our list of eco-friendly products.

Instead of Flower

Didn't find Fairtrade flowers? Choose Better Globe!

Beautiful flowers, or trees that can change the world?

No doubt flower gifts are welcome in many situations. Flower production also provides a huge boost to poor communities in countries like Kenya, where up to 2 million workers are employed according to IPPR. There are however concerns in regards to workers rights, sustainability and income levels in flower producing countries like Kenya, South Africa and Ecuador.

To make sure you support fair wages Fairtrade flowers is a great option when looking for a present to anyone concerned with poverty reduction. But then again, trees and Donation Packages last for 20 years and have a huge impact in underpriveliged communities while helping to improve the environment and biodiversity in general.

Instead of Unnecessary Present

I know the intentions were good, but a tree would be better

Turn the unnecessary present into something special

Gifts often turn to dust collectors and can become embarrassing for the gifter as well as the giftee. In addition the carbon footprint and ecological footprint of unnecessary and unwanted gifts are enormous. According to British statistics unwanted Christmas presents alone generated 4.8 million tons of CO2, and about 4 billion British pounds was spent on unwanted gifts in a single year.

For each Better Globe Tree you give 500 kilos of CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere and the CO2 offset from the Donation Package is 2000 kilos. So instead of an unnecessary present give something from Better Globe and you can give a eco gift that continues to give both to the recipient and to the world for many years to come.

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