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On this green shopping page you find links to eco friendly online shops selling natural products ranging from organic clothing to solar panels, natural soaps, eco cosmetics, green home decor, health supplements and everything inbetween. These eco-products are mostly sold by companies that focus on corporate social responsibility, responsible capitalism, social impact and environmental or human health, as well as social entrepreneurship represented by Better Globe.

Supporting a greener and healthier Africa

We created this environmentally friendly shopping page because we believe organic and sustainable products are well suited for our target audience. Our green business portal is an outreach to anyone who wants to do good in the world and make a social and environmental impact while being profitable. Any purchase you make through our list of natural online shops could potentially assist us in our mission to support Better Globe’s goal of a greener and healthier Africa.

Sustainable lifestyle choices

By providing green affiliate links we are able to promote sustainable lifestyle choices, reach more conscientious consumers who care about their environmental and social impact, and let more people know about Better Globe. If you like what you see on our green shopping page we hope you will help us reach out to more like-minded people by sharing this page.

We cannot assume responsibility for third-party content, but you can buy eco friendly products online through our list of green vendors knowing that we already have taken steps to make sure they are good and safe options. Even so we hope you take the time to advice us if you have any negative experience that you think justifies removing the vendor from the page.

Hopefully our selection of eco friendly companies will help you find what you are looking for or give you new ideas about how you can reduce your ecological footprint. Through sustainable lifestyle choices and green products you take better care of your own health and the health of the world, something we should all aspire to do.

Online shops that sell a variety of environmentally friendly products

Here we try to showcase companies and webshops that sell environmentally friendly products that can help you reduce your ecological footprint or support social change. We hope the selection of eco products can help you sustain a green lifestyle and perhaps even give you some green gift ideas.

  • eco friendly kitchen supplies

    Ready for a greener kitchen?

    Discover organic cotton products and eco-friendly kitchen textiles made in the USA with worldwide delivery. Ready for a greener kitchen?

  • Cruelty-free bags

    Ethical handbags from Spuren

    International delivery of eco-friendly and cruelty free handbags and accessories for him and her. Upcycled and artisan made for a positive footprint.

  • Find a great deal on your favorite magazine

    Read magazines the green way

    Get access to magazines on any device. Reading your favourite magazine without the need of paper is a great way to go green and save money.

  • Organic bedding and bath Eco branding and organic logo on promotional products Certified organic for the whole family Organic baby and toddler

    Organic clothes, textiles and more

    Range of organic clothes for the whole family including organic fabrics with international delivery. You also find bamboo furniture and items on sale.

  • Buy used books with free worldwide delivery

    Save money on used books

    Find used books with FREE worldwide shipping! Save paper with used books and support social change. Your purchase support book donations.

  • Cotton fiber sunglasses and wood watches from WEWOOD

    Unique cotton and wood products

    Buy cotton fiber sunglasses and wooden watches from WEWOOD. When you buy a wood watch Wewood also plant a tree. International shipping.

  • GUNAS Model Seana Steele

    Luxury vegan handbags by Gunas

    International delivery of eco-friendly and vegan luxury handbags. In 2012 Gunas was awarded the Ethical Fashion Forum's Ethical fashion Award.

  • Improve your health and ecological footprint with a water filter

    The Water Filter Superstore

    Wide selection of water filters and water purification systems including filtered water bottles (portable filter), the green alternative to plastic water bottles.

  • Shop green products for the office with 110% price-match guarantee

    Green office supplies

    Buy green office supplies and get carbon neutral shipping. Over 40.000 green items with price-match guarantee. Go green with

Find solar panels and solar energy products

Solar energy is in the wind when it comes to green and sustainable energy. While the environmental impact of large-scale wind turbines is disputed by some because of its toll on birds, solar panels and solar energy is reaching the masses with great benefits to the environment. Either you look for a solar charger, off grid solar kits, a solar lamp, or even a small home wind turbine to capture wind energy for home use, you may find it below.

  • Solar Royal Solar Ventilation Attic Fan

    Solar powered ventilation

    Attic ventilation system developed, designed and engineered in the USA with money back guarantee. Let the sun cool down the effects of global warming.

  • solar gadget and solar chargers

    Solar panels for your every need

    Get a great deal on anything from solar power kits to solar lightning, solas system components, portable solar panels and small wind turbine kits.

  • Solar Cookers from GoSun Stove

    Solar Cookers from GoSun Stove

    Worldwide delivery of solar cookers that needs very little sun to work and that has received very good reviews. Prepare foods outdoors and be green.

Shops that deliver organic foods, eco cosmetics and natural health supplements

Eating organic when possible is becoming increasingly important, both for your health and the environment. Any time you make an organic choice your ecological footprint becomes a little greener. Health supplements can also be green choices depending how they are made and what is in them. Unfortunately the lack of scientific studies, quality control, proper guidelines together with false marketing claims have made natural supplements a bit controversial these days.

However, any person who improve their health in a way that reduce or delay the need of medication is also protecting the environment. Superfoods and natural whole food supplements can be the right choice for a vast number of people and may also help strengthen the immune system. A strong and balanced immune system reduces the risk of infections and thus also the need for antibiotics, which again helps prevent antibiotic resistance.

Referring to supplements as potentially eco-friendly products might not sit well with everybody, but with many years of experience from the natural health industry, it is safe to say that the right use of natural supplement can have significant health benefits for a vast number of people. Compared to pharmaceutical drugs natural health supplements often come with less or no serious side effects, they have a smaller ecological impact and can help reduce healthcare costs.

The online health shops we suggest have a mix of organic foods and supplements to choose from. Look for functional ingredients like curcumin with bioperine, blue green algae like chlorella or spirulina, yeast beta glucans for the immune system, natural vitamin D3 and omega 3, probiotics, dietary fibers, etc. If you take medications, have chronic health problems, are pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend you talk with your healthcare provider before taking supplements.

  • eco friendly products

    Eco friendly supplements and more

    Rich selection of organic herbs, natural cosmetics, eco friendly brands and green products from shop with social and environmental commitments.

  • Whole food natural vitamins and supplements

    Buy natural health products

    Find everything from water filtration products to books, health information and organic skin care. Delivers to the USA, no international orders.

  • Buy organic supplements and superfoods

    Green beauty & wellness products

    Enjoy sustainable health products nourished by eco-dynamic ingredients. Main categories: Organic supplements, superfoods and wellness products.

  • Love Goodly - Eco. Nontoxic. Vegan. Cruelty Free.

    Love Goodly eco experience

    Discover nontoxic beauty and skincare, wellness, healthy snacks and eco accessories. Subscription boxes always support a cause. US delivery.

  • Vegan friends forever - man hugging dog

    100% plant-based with 24% protein

    With v-dog vegans can share the vegan lifestyle with their dogs. Reduce your dog's ecological footprint with a green and balanced diet.

  • Norwegian Omega 3 - Wild fish and krill

    Nordic Light Krill- & Fish Oil - Omega 3

    One of the best Norwegian omega 3 supplements. Wild caught fish and krill for optimal health benefit. Sustainable harvesting and worldwide delivery.

Shop eco-friendly and profitable social impact products

These are some of the greenest and most socially responsible eco products you will find. To learn more about the trees and the Donation Package you find more information under BUY and GREEN OPPORTUNITY in the menu.

We offer organic clothing that includes a tree or Donation Package in the price and will expand the "eco fashion" line with more sustainable products in the future. As far as eco-friendly goes we are quite unique and challenging to beat.

With Better Globe products included in the price you wear organic clothing while reducing your carbon footprint and poverty and desertification in East Africa. In addition to creating awareness you are also long-term profitable because of the returns paid on the tree(s) included with your purchase. Each tree pays € 208,25 in return over 20 years and absorb 500 kilos of CO2. The Donation Package pays double that and offsetts 2000 kilos of CO2 in the same timeframe.

  • Tree as green gift

    Trees and Donation Packages as gifts

    Socially responsible gifts that keeps on giving while storing carbon. Instant access to gift certificates, perfect for any occasion.Easy to buy and give.

  • Better Globe trees and Donation Packages

    Trees and Donation Packages

    Either as a green gift or for yourself these are some of the most eco-friendly products you will find. Take profitable climate action with us for social change.

  • organic green baby bodysuit

    Organic baby Suit with a Tree

    Visit our CO2 free shop for babies on Zazzle. Each item includes a tree that pays €208,25 in return over 20 years. Start saving for a greener future.

  • Bingwa Magazine

    Bingwa Magazine from Child Africa

    Bingwa aims to give the children of Africa a positive reading habit that installs confidence and integrity to counter corruption. Click to donate to schools.

  • Book: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Better Globe Way

    Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg's Book

    The book that gives you the full insight in how Better Globe combines social entrepreneurship with dryland tree planting to reduce poverty.

  • Miti Magazine

    Better Globe Forestry's Miti Magazine

    Better Globe Forestry and other experts on dryland tree planting share their knowledge. Also useful for Better Globe Ambassadors and tree enthusiasts.

  • Trees4Expenses

    Neutralize your expenses with trees

    Add as little as 7.5% to your expenses and save in trees to recover all the expenses you had in a year. Long-term green saving with return in 17 years.

  • Trees4Familiy

    Donate fruit & nut trees to schools

    Celebrate or honor someone by donating a fruit or nut tree to East African school children. Trees feed children for years and improve the environment.

  • organic t-shirt

    Eco fashion & Organic clothing

    Visit our store for profitable organic clothing that includes a tree or Donation Package. See store description for instruction and go green with us.

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