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The Donation Package: Social impact with a profit

Similar to impact investing the profitable Donation Package is the new and effective form of charity

The Better Globe Donation Package represent a time-tested and effective way of creating environmental and social change in East Africa. This profitable eco product has been sold since 2006 and is the main driving force for social change and Better Globe’s goal of making Africa a greener and healthier continent to live on.

Most people associate charity with giving without expecting anything in return, which no doubt is a very commendable and noble act. When it comes to efficiency however, decades of aid and charity work has proven the methods to be troublesome. Although many good charities are out there some pitfalls remain noticeable challenges and may include:

  • High administration costs
  • Lack of long-term strategy
  • Disconnect between perceived and local needs
  • Dependency on people's will to give, constantly chasing donors
  • Driving up local prices on goods and services
  • Undermining local markets and local economic growth
  • Lack of transparency, donors do not know what happens with the money
  • In worst case scenarios; corruption

The Better Globe Donation Package has the answer to many of these issues and its profitability helps secure accountability. Together with the focus on transparency and integrity the negative effects of corruption are curbed. By paying long-term returns to the customers it makes sense economically to continue buying these Donation Packages on a monthly basis.

Social impact with a profit

Better Globe is a company completely dedicated to social change and improving people's lives while caring for the environment. The Better Globe Donation Package is the core philanthropic product in that mission. The more people that buy Donation Packages the more trees will be planted, water donated and more people will get microfinance loans to improve their conditions. And more schools for children can be constructed, renovated and supported.

Most companies today have profits to stockholders as the main objective, often with terrible consequences to the environment and sometimes people, usually with poor communities as victims.

Better Globe represent an opportunity to take some of your income or investment and put to good use. You get help create a win-win-win situation where underprivileged communities receive what they need to work their own way out of poverty. The trees you buy and donate are planted in semi-arid land where they have a profound environmental impact, including reducing soil erosion and desertification. Long-term these trees may also help reduce deforestation and protect biodiversity while paying you at least 6 times the retail price in profit.

It is becoming usual for companies to donate parts of their proceeds to charity or have specific products that include a certain donation when you buy them, or are marketed as more sustainable. Sometimes this is a calculated move to increase sales through green marketing rather than a dedication to really make a difference. With Better Globe most of the profits go back to the customers who support the effort and to reduce poverty in East Africa. Rather than the traditional “for-profit corporation” one could call Better Globe a “for-impact corporation”.

The Better Globe Donation Package contains

The Better Globe Donation Package cost €53 and contains the following:


  • 2 trees given to poor farmers and underprivileged communities
  • 500 litres of water given to the local communities
  • €1.5 to fund community owned microfinance bank
  • €1.5 to support children’s education, renovation and construction of schools through Child Africa, a charity organisation Co-funded by Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg and his wife Julie Solberg in Uganda, 1991.

For the buyer

  • Two owner-trees make the Donation Package profitable with €208.25 in minimum return payments per tree over 20 years, a total of €416.5 for every purchase. Profitability ensures that this environmentally friendly and socially responsible eco product not only promotes sustainable development in East Africa, but also makes it sustainable for the buyer to purchase the Donation Package on a monthly basis.

A driving force for social change

The Donation Package is Better Globe’s most important product to drive social change. Their other environmentally friendly product, which is the Better Globe Tree, do carry a significant social impact, but does not provide money to microfinance loans, support children’s education or give trees and water to poor farmers.

The Donation Package is now part of the strategy to spread agroecology to small farmers and outgrowers that enables a more complete assistance together with training, support, microfinance, partnership agreements, etc. Combining agroforestry and a unique set of strategies and technical knowledge the Donation Package is crucial to create permanent social change using AgroEcology - The Better Globe Way.

In addition to be in line with the new vision of the Kenyan Government stating that all farmers should reserve 10 percent of their land for wood lot by 2030, scientific research also points to small-scale traditional farming as the only way to avoid a global food crisis.

Modern and industrialized agricultural methods and large scale farming using monoculture is becoming too vulnerable to unreliable weather patterns and climate change. Industrialized farming is also a cause factor to the environmental and ecologic crisis we are now facing. According to the United Nations “only small farmers and agroecology can feed the world”.

Some of the Donation Package benefits

  • Save money for the future and reduce your carbon footprint while your charitable donations have a profound effect on some of the poorest communities in the world.
  • Get a free monthly Donation Package as a thank you for your support if you help spread the word and find 6 other people (or companies) that buy the product every month.
  • For companies looking to offset carbon emissions the Donation Package (€53) with its 4 trees absorb 2000 kilos of CO2 from the atmosphere. The cost of buying 4 individual trees is €68.
  • All customers who buy the Donation Package on a monthly basis or 12 times through a whole calendar year gets a downloadable certificate from Better Globe that shows their impact.
  • Better Globe primarily plant Muaku, Acacia Senegal and Apple Mango trees, but donated trees can vary depending on local needs and what species are available. Donated trees may also be used in agroforestry, meaning trees are planted in-between food crops, which help improve the fertility of the soil and help protect the harvest against biological, climatic and environmental threats.
  • With microfinance, educational and agricultural support whole families are supported and can leave extreme poverty on their own terms and become self-reliant.
  • As income opportunities are created and more jobs provided experience show that local crime rates may drop as much as 50 percent.
  • Profitable tree planting secures a long-term commitment and accountability that creates permanent and sustainable results that in turn counter corruption. In addition Better Globe and Child Africa are dedicated to teach the younger generations about the importance of integrity. Child Africa are developing specific anti-corruption programs for children that can be implemented at schools. They also publish and donate Bingwa Magazine to help create champions of integrity all over the African continent.

For more information about the environmental and social impact you can visit our benefits page.

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