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Unique seals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
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Experience the benefits of cause-related marketing while making a real social impact in poor communities

We have developed various seals to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) through cause-related marketing. Our seals for social and environmental impact are based on our desire to get more companies behind Better Globe and Child Africa's vision of a better world with less poverty and corruption in East Africa and the rest of the continent.

This is a green opportunity for your company, organization, blog or website to help deal with some of the greatest challenges facing humanity in a effective and transparent manner. With our unique seals for CSR it is even possible to support social development and sustainable forestry while being long-term profitable (CO2 free seal and Child Africa seal).

What can our seals do for your company?

Potential customers often respond positively to philanthropy and green business practices, which may influence your sales and brand loyalty over time. Our seals are in addition to CSR also meant to inspire visitors to take action on their own and thus become part of the company strategy for social change.

Through online cause-related marketing and CSR your company can become an inspiration for green and sustainable development while setting yourself apart from the competition. As a qualified partner you may also be listed on our partner page together with a few words about your business and social commitment.

Unique seals to promote CSR

CO2 free seal - Sustainable and CO2 free website
  • CO2 free seal
  • Profitable long-term
  • Social impact in East Africa
  • Easy to manage carbon offset
  • Environmental impact with trees
Bingwa seal - We stand against corruption
  • Bingwa seal
  • Support children's rights
  • Anti-corruption program
  • Cost effective and low-cost
  • Focus on integrity as core value
Child Africa seal - We support children's education
  • Child Africa seal
  • Children's education
  • Sponsor a child in Uganda
  • Profitable with Better Globe
  • Innovative charity with big goals

Make a real difference

Many companies today highlight social impact, integrity and sustainability as part of their values or mission statement. But more than often there is no visual confirmation of CSR and no direct link between business segment and social impact. In the worst case scenarios we have greenwashing and written statements about supporting social change, but without any real support behind it.

Our seals are not an alternative to this, but they do represent an opportunity for your company to communicate in a clear, visual and cost-effective way that you are committed to social change and / or care about the environment. A collaboration with us does not necessarily make your company or products sustainable, but it does show a clear commitment to socially responsible development.

With us your company can be the one that makes a real difference for East African families and take direct action on climate change by supporting dryland tree planting. Through Child Africa you can also sponsor a child’s education and share his or her progress with employees.

Profitable climate action

Better Globe is a social enterprise dedicated to create a significant social impact while being profitable through sustainable development and tree planting in arid and semi arid land (ASAL). To incentivize support for their green business strategy Better Globe lets their customers take part in the profits. By supporting their vision through crowdfunding and something similar to social impact investing, your company can offset carbon emissions while maximizing your social impact and being long-term profitable.

Use our CO2 free seal to take advantage of profitable climate action while helping to solve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Your company can even do so in combination with our Bingwa and Child Africa seal to promote corporate social responsibility, and benefit from cause-related marketing without long-term cost. The trees and Donation Packages also make great company gifts. Both products are an excellent fit for enterprises employees who would like to reduce their carbon footprint and do something about poverty.

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