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PLAY NICE - Disclaimer / Copyright / Terms of Use

Terms of use, disclaimer and copyright for

By visiting and navigating our website you agree to the terms as described on this page, which we may modify at any time without notification.

The information we provide

We do our very best to keep all information current, but we often depend on third-party information and cannot guarantee that everything will be correct and up to date at all times. Spelling errors or grammatical errors may also occur and we appreciate if you take the time to point out any mistakes that you think may confuse other visitors. We also translate our website to other languages and are not in any way liable for the accuracy of these translations. The English version is the governing version of

We do not accept any liability or damages in any shape way or form caused by navigating our website or by using the information we provide regardless of reason.

Anti-spam / security / cookies

We use SSL and will always do what we can to facilitate a safe user experience for our visitors. We also have a very strict anti-spam and privacy policy and will never sell any information we obtain electronically from our visitors. Your information is safe with us, but in case of our website or database being hacked, or other unforeseen events outside our control, we cannot be held responsible and refuse any liabilities.

We may use cookies to better understand how visitors find us online and how they navigate on our website, to improve user experience and to discover how we can increase our online visibility. No personal information will be stored by us other than what you choose to provide when you contact us, or when you make a transaction on our website.

Due to how the payment gateway we may integrate on the website works we will never have access to any credit card information. Any transaction on our website for Better Globe products is encrypted and integrated by Better Globe using the same secure third-party payment gateway as they employ on their website. As such we are not liable for any loss related to any online or offline transaction performed through third-party technology or third-party websites.

Financial returns and transactions

We are not a financial institution nor do we solicit investments in any way or form. We only provide information about products from third-parties that may or may not offer a financial return. Any such promise is between the customer and third-party. We do not accept liability for any form of financial loss that may result from the use of the information that we provide. This also includes any possible transaction through our website, which in case is provided by third-party solutions.

In terms of Better Globe we are also customers of the company, so any type of unforeseen events that could potentially affect the promised returns on their products would affect us in the same way it would you (if you are or become a customer). Fortunately their risk profile is vastly different than that of global financial markets and they have many strategies in place to secure that they can deliver on their promise in terms of repurchase price on the trees after 20 years. So personally we feel we are in good hands with Better Globe, and that their products is a great way to diversify and save money for the future while making a significant social and environmental impact.

Better Globe Group

We are not official representatives for Better Globe, the Better Globe Group or Child Africa International. We are independent Ambassadors or affiliates that provide information about Better Globe with their support. Our close relationship with Child Africa (NGO), Better Globe and related companies insures the integrity of the information we provide with a high level of accuracy.

We work diligently with quality control to make sure all the information we provide is up to date at all times. In addition our web portal is the first website officially recognized by Better Globe.

Although not official representatives for Better Globe we are the copyright holders of the content, artwork and graphics on including the BetterGlobeTrees logo. See copyright for more information.

Listed Ambassadors and partners

Only / Concept Owner Audun Turoey and Webmaster Rodrigo Amaro are authorized to act on the direct behalf of our websites and committ to any type of partnership under the brand. We reserve the right to terminate any such partnerships at our own discretion or as outlined in form of an agreement signed by the Concept Owner.

Better Globe Ambassadors that get involved through us can be provided with a profile page and a non-exclusive and revocable at our discretion approval to offer our seals for CSR to companies, blogs, websites, etc, in accordance with the terms stated for each seal. Implementation on the website however has to be coordinated with Concept Owner or the Webmaster of our green business portal.

However, we are not liable for any action taken by the Ambassador partners you find on our website. These are individuals or entities that are fully responsible for their own actions and our collaboration with any of them are based on trust. We urge you to contact us without delay if you feel that any of our trusted partners have been dishonest or inconvenienced you in any way that you believe is serious enough for us to terminate the collaboration with the party involved, and remove the person or entity from our website. If this happens we will evaluate each case individually.

No Ambassador or partner on our website is authorized to collect any funds on the behalf of any company in the Better Globe Group, Child Africa International or our website. All transactions are made online on the official websites of each company or organization.

We may also provide the opportunity to buy Better Globe products directly through our website. If so the shopping functionality on our website is provided by Better Globe and the transaction goes through their payment provider as if you had made the purchase on their website. Such a solution would only be implemented to facilitate sales of Better Globe’s products and enhance the user experience of our website. Your rights to ownership and returns is identical to buying the products through Better Globe’s website, including the 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee.

We are not liable for any type of loss from any type of transaction, either through our website, link to third-party websites or if you against the notification in our terms make any direct transactions with any of our listed Ambassadors, who are partners that act on their own behalf and are responsible for their own actions.

Partners listed on our pages, such as CSR Seal Partners are subject to terms outlined for each seal and / or any terms outlined in a written agreement. Partners that fulfill our requirements and have entered in agreement with us are allowed to use our seals online and offline according to that agreement. We do however reserve the right to terminate any such agreement at our own discretion without notice, unless otherwise stated in a written contract. Upon termination the use of our seals must be discontinued immediately and without delay.

CSR Seal Partners do not officially represent our page and are not allowed to re-sell our seals or in any other way pass on the access to our seals to any third-party. The exception is if the CSR Seal Partner also is an Ambassador through us, then they may offer our partner services, but all transactions and implementation of the seals must be coordinated with Concept Owner and Webmaster of the BetterGlobeTrees web portals.

We are not responsible or liable for any promise, content, link, artwork, graphic or implemented technology provided by our partners or on external pages. Nor do we guarantee for or endorse any promise, content, link, artwork, graphic or implemented technology provided by our partners, unless otherwise stated.

To help fund marketing and development of our green business portal we also have a page for affiliate links to eco-friendly products. Some online shops may sell products that are both eco-friendly, as well as products that are not eco-friendly at all. We are not liable for third-party affiliate content or transactions, nor are we responsible for customer service and we do not in any way represent for any of these companies. We also do not endorse any particular company or claim that all products available through the affiliate links we provide are eco-friendly. We do however try to select companies and online shops with a green and socially responsible profile. In our view some online shops that sell supplements also represent a type of green alternative, learn why on our shopping page for eco-friendly products.

Copyright and intellectual property

We claim exclusive rights to offline and online use of graphics, content and artwork on our website and social media, partially including third-party articles that have not been previously published on a webpage. Some artwork and text may be made available for reuse and share on social media in its original form, which in case will be outlined on the particular page where the select artwork, content or graphics is made available for public sharing.

When it comes to third-party articles and artwork you need permission from copyright holder before using any of the content, graphics or artwork in question. If the particular third-party content is taken from our website with permission we are to be listed as the source together with copyright holder with a “follow” link back to the content, graphics or artwork on our website.

Any permission to use our original artwork, content or graphics needs to be acknowledged with source and attribution through a “follow” link and we retain the right to revoke the permission if needed at our own discretion. The content must them be removed immediately and without delay.

We do not allow any online or offline use of our artwork, content or graphics from our websites or our social media channels to be used in a negative or inflammatory way, unless an approval in writing has been obtained from us, where the intent of use of our material has been thoroughly explained. This also applies to any sort of linking to our website and / or social media, as well as any third-party articles on our websites.

We may ask visitors, partners and Ambassadors for help with providing artwork, content or graphics to be used in social media, on this page or our other web projects. Copyright on these contributions are subject to the same restrictions as stated for third-party articles. However, we have no way to guarantee that those that contribute are the real copyright holders. We therefore refuse any liability in terms of copyright infringement related to third-party contributions. The contributors are solely responsible and we will of course remove any content in case we unknowingly have infringed on someone’s copyright or intellectual property.

Third-party contributors retain copyright on what is shared with us unless otherwise agreed, but we reserve permanent rights to use provided material as we see fit across our different web projects, which may also include offline use for sales and marketing.

Eco promotions

Any types of promotions on our website, social medias or sister websites are not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network. Our eco promotions including trees or other products from Better Globe are not administered or endorsed by Better Globe. Our eco promotions are implemented on our own initiative, and when including trees or Donation Packages the gift certificates will be issued by us or one of our partners or represented Ambassadors, according to the terms for that particular eco promotion.

We are not liable for any promises of returns on products from Better Globe or any possible damages arising from participating in our eco promotions. As customers of Better Globe we have visited their tree plantations in Kenya and have full confidence in their ability to deliver as promised. Should that for any reason change we will update the information we provide to reflect our new view. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of you that have decided to support the efforts of our green business portal for social change in East Africa, or in other ways help make the world a better place.

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