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Our Child Africa seal is intended to support the charity organization Child Africa International and their work to give children in Uganda a unique education. This is an amazing education charity for both companies and individuals to support. They are a particularly good fit for companies that see themselves as innovative, which is also what can be said about Child Africa International.

What other education charity also include deaf children, give special education in integrity and positive thinking, goal setting, how to build self-confidence, human relations, success principles, entrepreneurship and how to choose and get a job?

The organization is incredibly good at what they do; to build children up from the insecurities and low self-esteem that often comes with poverty and grow them into proud champions of integrity. Their work with deaf children is particularly impressive. In 2014 they also got their first international prize with the Tumaini Awards Program. Child Africa won first place in the category of Education competing with over 50 other organizations in Uganda.

In terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Child Africa is a very good match on all levels. And for all of us that have had the opportunity to visit the schools in Uganda the positive effect of the education, unique subjects taught and all the love and care these children get is highly visible.

Julie Solberg Child Africa pupils

Child Africa pupils and Managing Director Julie Solberg

Short about NGO Child Africa International

As you may have read on our Home page Child Africa was started by Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg and his wife Julie Solberg back in 1991, although under another name. The first years they helped find sponsors so children of Julie's native country, Uganda, could get an education. These children went to other schools and it was only in September 2007 that Child Africa was able to admit the 72 first children in their own school.

Child Africa today cares for about 900 children in Uganda, most of whom are receiving their education at Child Africa schools. They are also building a modern school with a capacity of 2000 children and are now both looking for donors and sponsor parents for children. Child Africa is also supported by 1.5€ for every Better Globe Donation Package sold.

Why support Child Africa?

  • Child Africa is one of very few charity organization where as much as 90 percent of what is donated goes towards that specific purpose or child. Administrative expenses are mostly covered through other channels.
  • Child Africa is one of very few schools that incorporate deaf children in their education by teaching sign language to all teachers and pupils. In their schools up to 20% of the capacity is reserved to children with hearing impairment.
  • Child Africa teaches integrity as a subject in their schools and are completely dedicated to help reducing corruption in East-Africa and the rest of the continent. For that purpose they publish Bingwa Magazine, which is donated free to schools to inspire children to become champions of integrity.
  • Child Africa has an online system where sponsor parents can communicate with their sponsor child and follow the child's progress at school. Background information about their family and living situation is sometimes available as well.
  • Child Africa reaches out to the poorest families and in addition to provide food, clothing, medicine, education and sometimes even homes to the children, they also try to improve the family's socio-economic status (reduce poverty).
  • The education charity can as mentioned be supported through the Better Globe Donation Package (€53). Every Donation Package donates 2 trees to poor communities in Kenya close to the tree plantations of Better Globe Forestry together with 500 litres of water, €1.5 goes to microfinance in Kenya and €1.5 goes to support Child Africa and construction, renovation and support to schools in Uganda and Kenya. The buyer also gets two trees that give a return of €416.50, which makes this a long-term profitable and sustainable way to support Child Africa that also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • There are many reasons why Child Africa is unique in what they do, but the most important reason to support them is all the East African children living under very poor conditions, they deserve much better. You or your company can have a direct and profound impact on their lives and help them create a better future for themselves.

Sponsor a child in Uganda

To sponsor a child’s education is a very rewarding act of kindness that we believe is well suited for companies as well. With Child Africa you get allot of information about how your sponsor child is doing and get to participate in their life in a very meaningful way, as they also get to do in your life. The communication mediated through Child Africa's website is a great way to follow up on your child and play a more meaningful role than just being a donor or sponsor, but also an inspiration and a person that cares.

For companies vested in corporate social responsibility it is possible to have one person responsible for the communication (not obligatory), which might take half an hour per month, and share the information so that all employees feel part of the effort. Our seal will also help both strengthen the social profile of the company, as well as help draw more positive attention to the charity, which might inspire more people to donate to the schools or to sponsor a child in need.

Child Africa is in spite of all their efforts and impressive results still a small education charity that needs support to grow. For companies it can be particularly rewarding to be part of the support system for a smaller organization and see direct results as it grows. There are also allot of children in need of sponsorship and corporate involvement can make real difference, also through the added exposure from using our seal. Regardless if you represent a company, other entity or read this as a natural person; we hope you would like to give your support to the important work of Child Africa and perhaps even sponsor a child.

Benefits of our Child Africa seal

  • Highlight corporate social responsibility and show that compassion knows no borders
  • Online cause related marketing is great for brand perception and can influence buying decisions
  • Qualified partners will be listed on our website together with a few words about their business
  • Cost effective way of helping children while highlighting your social commitment
  • Profitable when buying monthly Better Globe Donation Packages
  • Our seals are fast and easy to implement

Make a donation

Make a charitable donation or sponsor a child at www.ChildAfrica.org or visit our page about Child Africa International for an overview of all the different ways you can support African children through the education charity.

Contact us for terms of use in case you want to apply for our Child Africa seal.

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