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CO2 free seal - Reduce your carbon footprint with trees

The first CO2 free seal that is socially responsible and profitable

Yes, we believe this is the first time a website, blog or business can promote their carbon neutrality and their dedication to reduce their carbon footprint, while also reducing poverty and being long-term profitable through supporting sustainable development.

We invite you to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) through Better Globe's holistic agricultural programs in East Africa. With strategies similar to crowdfunding, social impact investing and social entrepreneurship their local company in Kenya, Better Globe Forestry Ltd, plant trees in arid and semi arid land (ASAL) to maximize the social and environmental impact, and help underprivileged communities become self-sufficient. By paying returns on the trees to the buyers sustainability and long-term commitment is improved and the accountability that needs to be in place helps to reduce corruption.

Self-regulated carbon neutral seal

We offer businesses, bloggers, webpage owners and individuals a self-regulated, transparent and voluntary solution for carbon neutrality through trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe. The unique benefits of our solution is the added social impact and long-term profitability of taking a stand against climate change by reducing the carbon footprint through dryland tree planting.

Our "CO2 free" seal shows visitors or customers that you are a green company or individual that take responsibility for your carbon footprint. For businesses that are not in a position to calculate or offset their entire carbon footprint, our solution can still be an alternative for your clients to make a carbon free purchase. We can also adapt our seal to reflect a monthly or annual commitment to carbon reduction through a fixed monthly purchase. This means that your seal can reflect the amount of CO2 reduction you are committed to buy on an ongoing basis, be it monthly or annual.

Comparison between Better Globe Tree and Donation Package

The use of our CO2 free seal communicates your support for socially responsible development in East Africa through tree planting in ASAL that is unfit for food production. It also highlights your concern for the environment and dedication to CO2 free practices and carbon neutrality. If you buy the Donation Package on a monthly basis you significantly increase your social impact and qualify to apply for our Child Africa seal to further promote corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Limitations with benefits

With a voluntary solution based on trust we realize that we cannot certify or guarantee 100 percent carbon neutrality on the behalf of our clients. We can however provide transparency and a unique set of benefits that we have been unable to identify from other carbon free certificate providers. Our CO2 free seal actually emerged after failing to identify a CO2 free certificate provider or carbon management service, that could meet our expectations in terms of documentation and transparency. There are probably other services in place by now that are better able to calculate and track website emissions, but there are still a lot of unknowns due to the energy profile of each country the website visitors come from, as well as other factors.

What we offer is to be honest a less scientific approach. Our clients have to evaluate, calculate or estimate their emissions, or quantify website visitors through Google Analytics or by other means, and then apply for the use of our seal based on either a commitment to fully offset all CO2 emissions, or quantify a specific monthly or yearly CO2 offset. In addition to being long-term profitable our solution for promoting corporate social responsibility can also become an income opportunity under the right circumstances, something that perhaps is more suitable for individuals and companies of a more moderate size, but available to anyone interested.

Carbon free certificate

For individuals Better Globe already has an annual carbon free certificate in PDF format issued on a general basis. This carbon free certificate is not comparable to what we offer. It is made available to anyone buying 12 Donation Packages through a calendar year and can be downloaded from you online customer access point.

By purchasing the Donation Package on a monthly basis you contribute to planting at least 48 trees with a total CO2 offset of 24 tons. In most cases around the world this offset would be enough to make an average family carbon free. If travel or other lifestyle choices is likely to put you over 24 tons a year you can of course buy extra trees to compensate, which is also a great way to save for the future because of the long-term profitability. If in doubt we recommend using a carbon calculator to have an idea about your personal carbon footprint, we suggest CarbonNeutral.com.au. Individuals may also apply for our seal, which may be particularly interesting for Better Globe Ambassadors on our team.

Unique benefits

  • 14 days open purchase:
    According to Norwegian law individuals are entitled to a 14 days return period from the date of purchase, which Better Globe has extended to companies as well. This is a "no questions asked" 14 days worldwide money back guarantee in case you should have any second thoughts about your purchase with Better Globe.
  • Fast and easy implementation:
    Enter in contact with us to determine desired carbon offset and details regarding purchase of trees and / or Donation Packages and your seal can be up and running in no time. We like to think we have solutions that can adapt to just about any circumstance and look forward to help you green up your business, website, blog office or store.
  • Complete transparency:
    You can login to the Better Globe customer access point and see all the trees you own. Your customers have the same access to their trees should you offer them an alternative to make a carbon free purchase through Better Globe. Your online access point also contains a return payment schedule and a profit calculator. Yearly certificates are issued by Better Globe showing how many trees you own, these can also be used towards voluntary documentation of your company's carbon offset. Better Globe also arrange annual customer trips to show the results they achieve in the plantations and the social impact they have in the areas they operate. Being a Norwegian company Better Globe's financial report is publicly available, which is not common in many countries. In 2015 Better Globe arranged their 7th annual customer trip to Kenya and Uganda, and together with Miti Magazine where they publish all their findings the whole operation is transparent indeed.
  • The first CO2 free seal that is profitable through socially responsible tree planting:
    Each tree accumulated either through individual purchase or the Donation Package comes with a promised return of €208.25 over 20 years. Payments start with 15% the purchase price, which is €2.55 per tree, from the 5th year of ownership until the 19th, a total of €38.25. Year 20 the ownership ends with Better Globe buying back the trees at a minimum of €170 per tree from the owner, which is 10 times the current purchase price. For every tree you buy up to 3 are actually planted. The tree profits in the 5th to 19th year of ownership is primarily coming from the produce of Apple Mango trees and Acacia Senegal (gum arabic). The Mukau tree, which is the main tree planted by Better Globe has qualities similar to mahogany and is processed in year 20 when the ownership ends. These Mukau trees will provide high quality timber from sustainable forestry, which in the future may help reduce the pressure on natural forests due to the increasing demand for tropical hardwood.
  • Easy to administrate:
    Trees and Donation Packages can be bought online using a international VISA or MasterCard. It takes about 1 minute to complete the monthly transaction manually and it can also be set to monthly auto-purchase. Receipts of purchased trees and Donation Packages are always available online and you get an order confirmation by e-mail.
  • Flexibility:
    Contact us for any request you may have in regards to our seals or other type of relevant partnership and we are willing to listen. We can in some cases also provide seals in different formats, sizes and even colours to make them work well with your current profile.
  • Social impact:
    The trees are planted in areas where little economic opportunity exist, there is hardly any infrastructure and the soil is not suitable for food production. When you buy trees you help provide jobs, reduce desertification and soil erosion, which also helps preserve local water sources. And in addition to turning drylands into green lands, experience show that crime rates may drop as much as 50 percent in the areas where Better Globe plant trees. It is however the Donation Package with its donation of 2 trees, 500 litres of water and €1.5 to cheap microfinance in community owned banks, plus €1.5 to support children's education in Kenya and Uganda through Child Africa, that is the biggest driving force for social change. And even though the economical return is lower for the Donation Package, it is this product that gives you the most cost-effective CO2 offset.
  • Corporate social responsibility with business potential:
    With our seal companies can stand out from the competition by showing a strong social and environmental commitment. In addition to verify the seals through our database we will also make a page with a list of qualified partners where it is possible to write a few lines about your business with a link back to your website. Businesses and individuals may also become Better Globe Ambassadors (which basically means affiliate) and create an extra income through the sales of trees and Donation Packages. Associated with us it also means you can offer friends and clients the opportunity to promote carbon neutrality using our CO2 free seal according to our conditions.

Conditions of use

Our CO2 free seal is only available upon request for non-exclusive use and only after an agreement has been reached. Other conditions may apply and we reserve the right at our own discretion to end any partnership and revoke the use of the seal if deemed necessary. Here are the general requirements:

  • To make a first-time purchase as a new customer of Donation Packages and / or trees from Better Globe through our portal or Ambassadors. If you are not affiliated with us we will not grant the use of our seals.
  • To either provide us with the best possible assessment of the carbon footprint for the activities or services the use of the seal is intended to cover, or to suggest a monthly or yearly CO2 offset, which will be reflected in the CO2 free seal.
  • To continually update the estimated CO2 footprint according to increased activity and purchase trees or Donation Packages on an ongoing basis to cover any increase, or fulfil the offset of the fixed amount of CO2 as agreed to display in the seal.
  • We are not liable for any consequences of using our seal and the promised returns is part of an agreement between Better Globe and their customers. Our seals are made available free of charge as a corporate social responsibility incentive to companies and individuals that would like to support Better Globe and their activities.
  • For websites and blogs we stipulate that 1 tree covers up to 5000 monthly visitors. We do that on the basis of what we have seen other providers generally calculate, as well as the fact that even though 1 tree according to Better Globe offsets 500 kilos of CO2, at the very minimum 2 trees are planted for each tree you buy. In addition the trees have a significant environmental impact (and social impact) because they are planted in arid and semi arid lands. In terms of fulfilment a minimum purchase of 1 tree per month is required to use our seal online, but in cases with far less traffic we can consider an annual purchase with a smaller number of trees to better reflect total volume of visitors and the need to offset in order to become what we estimate to be carbon neutral. Another option is to use a seal with a given yearly or monthly offset in kilos or tons of CO2, i.e. “Every month we compensate 1500 kilos of CO2”.
  • For business owners that want to display our seal offline to promote CSR the same conditions as mentioned above applies. Our seal cannot be commercialised without our written agreement. But do keep in mind the option to offer your clients the opportunity to make a "carbon neutral" purchase, which can also become a long-term income opportunity. Contact us to learn more.
  • Our CO2 free seal is as mentioned based on a voluntary and self regulated estimate of your carbon footprint and does not necessarily grant you to use the term "Carbon Neutral", which in some countries is a registered trademark. Because our seal is voluntary it is not a part of the regulated carbon offset market following Kyoto Protocol compliant standards. We do not sell Carbon Credits, nor are trees from Better Globe certified by CDM or any other recognized certification organ for Carbon Credits at the moment. Our CO2 free seal do however come with a unique set of advantages. Dryland tree planting with Better Globe is an efficient way to reduce your carbon footprint and maximize your environmental and social impact through corporate social responsibility.

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