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Why do people buy trees online from Better Globe?

Why buy trees online from Better Globe
The benefits of buying trees from Better Globe

When people search the internet using the term "buy trees online" they are often looking to buy trees or seeds to plant in their own garden. If this applies to you we still recommend you to take a closer look at what it means to buy trees online with Better Globe. Browse around our portal and discover how you can buy trees online with more benefits than probably any other website selling trees, including trees wholesale.

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Click here to buy your trees if no particular person has sent you to this portal. If you have been in contact with anyone or someone has promoted BetterGlobeTrees.com to you, we encourage you to click on "Contribute" in the menu and visit the correct profile to make your purchase. Doing so is particularly important if an Ambassador has sent you to our portal and you consider becoming a part of the Ambassador team on BetterGlobeTrees.com

Tree benefits with Better Globe

Your tree benefits:

  • Good returns on your trees that also help East-African communities
  • Annual profits paid over 16 consecutive years, available in time for Christmas
  • Extra money for the future, payouts from the 5th to 20th year of ownership
  • Assets that grow in value regardless of how stock markets behave
  • Happiness - Research shows doing good feels good
  • Easy and profitable way to offset your carbon footprint
  • A cleaner environmental consciousness
  • Buy trees online from the comfort of your own home
  • Full overview of trees, profits, costs, etc online
  • Potential marketing and business opportunity, visit "Benefits" to learn more
  • Get to know more people who cares about the world we live in

General tree benefits:

  • Better Globe Trees absorb 500 kg of CO2 in their lifetime
  • The DP absorbs 2000 kg of CO2 (2 trees are donated and 2 goes to the buyer / beneficiary)
  • Provide jobs in dry areas with few job opportunities and no infrastructure
  • Reduce desertification and erosion in arid and semi arid lands
  • Increase soil fertility and local environment
  • Provide timber from sustainable forestry
  • Increase food security
  • Reduce poverty and improve local economy
  • Stimulate the creation of local businesses
  • Farmers learn agricultural and forestry techniques
  • Profitability requires accountability, which counters corruption
  • Around 50 percent reduction in crime close to Better Globe's tree plantations

Donation Package or Better Globe Trees?

Better Globe only have 2 products available online, the Donation Package (DP) and trees. As the name implies the DP at €53 has a greater impact on eradicating local poverty. You contribute with 2 trees, 500 litres of water, €1.5 to microfinance and €1.5 to help Child Africa build and renovate schools, in addition to 2 trees you become the owner of. This small investment comes with 6.5 times the profit over 20 years. The Better Globe Tree however gives you over 11 times your money back in profit and the minimum purchase is a single tree at accessible €17. We recommend buying a monthly DP together with extra trees.

Why buy trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe?

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Buy trees wholesale or with discount?

Better Globe is not a tree wholesaler for people online, although they do both donate and sell tree seedlings to East-African farmers. Outgrower projects also exists and are under development in Kenya and they also offer micro-finance. And even though they do not sell trees wholesale for people in general who want to plant at home, they do have annual promotions and discounts for new customers who buy 100 trees or more, contact us for more information if this is of interest.

Better Globe's trees are planted for you and cared for by Better Globe Forestry in various tree plantations in Kenya's arid and semi arid lands. During your 20 years of ownership you get a minimum profit of 6.5 to 11 times the purchase price depending on product. Any discounts on your online purchase will naturally increase your profits. Your trees are in good hands, Better Globe Forestry employs one of East-Africa's leading experts on tree planting in arid- semi arid land (ASAL), Executive Director Jan Vandenabeele. Better Globe Forestry is also publishing the first of its kind tree planting magazine "Miti" (tree in Swahili) with focus on helping farmers make money from trees and dryland tree planting. Go to "Contribute" in the menu and visit our profiles for free downloads.

Promised payouts on Better Globe Trees and Donation Packages

Discover what to expect in return payments if you buy Donation Packages or trees online and support Better Globe's important work in East-Africa. The social impact and environmental benefits from buying trees and DPs are many, learn more under "Sustainability" in the menu. With these 4 purchase scenarios we examine the economic impact for the buyer, or beneficiary if bought as a green gift, when buying Donation Packages or Better Globe Trees online this year:

  1. One-time purchase of a single tree. Cost €17.
  2. One-time purchase of a single Donation Package (DP). Cost €53.
  3. New customers have the option to buy 100 trees or more in one purchase and get €1 discount per tree if bought within the first month as a customer. To take advantage of the tree discount you need to insert the coupon code "NEWCUST-14" in the indicated field during the first step of the online purchase process. Cost €1600.
  4. The ongoing monthly purchase of 1 DP and 3 trees, which gives you a total of 60 new trees per year (24 trees from the monthly DP auto-purchase and 36 trees from the tree auto-purchase). Optional promotion available to everyone: Every month 6 people you have invited buy the DP you get yours for free as a thank you. This is an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits while further increasing your social impact in East-Africa. Sustainability: Another interesting benefit of this particular purchase scenario is that it becomes fully sustainable in year 2026 (already in 2021 if you reach the free DP). From 2026 on you will earn more in payouts than what it will cost you to maintain your profits and social impact. Monthly cost €104, yearly cost €1248. With the free DP the monthly cost is reduced to €51 and the yearly cost drops to €612.

Cost and Profit with Better Globe

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