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Help plant trees for social change in Africa and be profitable similar to making a social impact investment

Better Globe only sell 2 types of socially responsible and sustainable green products that are essentially one and the same with a slightly different "packaging". You can buy trees online that are planted for you in Africa, in Kenya's drylands to be presise, or you can buy Donation Packages. Both eco products pay the customer returns over 20 years as illustrated below.

The Donation Package is the main driving force for social change and contains 2 trees that you will benefit from economically in the same way as if you bought individual trees. In addition the Donation Packages provides more support to help the communities living close to the tree plantations so they can become self-reliant.

If any of the Better Globe Ambassadors on our team has referred you to our website we encourage you to visit their Ambassador profile to make your purchase. If not proceed on this page to buy trees from Better Globe and help crowdfund their tree planting activities in a way that is quite similar to making a social impact investment. You also find an option to buy trees and Donation Packages as sustainable green gifts that keeps on giving for many years to come.

Buy trees online from Better Globe and consider a monthly recurring Donation Package

Comparison between Better Globe Tree and Donation Package

When you click to buy a product above you are forwarded to Better Globe's secure order page. There are no obligations or minimum purchase. Better Globe AS is a Norwegian company following Norwegian law. This means that you also get a 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee, which is also extended to apply for corporate purchases.

To really make a difference in Kenya and for your own future we recommend making a recurring purchase. A monthly subscription of at least 1 Donation Package together with the number of trees that matches your economy and desired future returns will help you maximize your social and environmental impact, as well as your long-term profitability.

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your purchase and remember that every tree counts.

Give trees or Donation Packages as green and sustainable gifts

give a green gift - trees and donation packages from better globe

Buying trees online from Better Globe as green and socially responsible gifts is a fast and easy process that gives you immediate access to a gift certificate. Trees are also a very reasonable priced gift with only €17 per tree, and the Donation Package cost €53. After your purchase you can give the tree gift electronically or you can print the gift certificate, frame it and hand it over as a wrapped gift. Each tree pays a return of €208.25 to the lucky receiver and the Donation Package comes with a promised return of €416.50 and a CO2 offset of 2000 kilos!

Giving trees or Donation Packages is perfect for just about any occasion, either it be in a private or corporate setting. If you are not fully convinced we have a page full of green gift ideas to illustrate how Donation Packages and trees from Better Globe are some of the best and most original eco gifts you can give. Also keep in mind that when you give a tree gift or present someone with a gift certificate containing a Donation Package they will in essence receive your gift 17 times.

With annual returns 16 out of 20 years trees and Donation Packages are gifts that keep on giving. The receiver of your gift will first receive the gift certificate showing they own trees in Kenya together with the total returns. Following that they start to receive annual returns from your gift from the 5th to the 19th year of ownership, and as the ownership ends in year 20 they get a big final payout. In addition these are socially responsible presents that reduce poverty and provide a significant environmental impact that benefits the future of us all.

The recipient of your eco gift will also get a secure login to an easy to manage online customer access point. Here they get all the information they need in case they want to learn more, although no action or activity is required. An overview of future payments can also be found and a wire transfer can be requested at any time to their bank account after reaching €100 in available returns. The recipient may also choose to help plant more trees and increase their green profits by using their returns to repurchase more trees.

So try something new, original and engaging. Give a green and sustainable gift that keeps on giving while reducing poverty in East Africa and providing us all with a greener future.

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