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Bingwa seal - Making children champions of integrity

Take a stand against corruption and help shape the future leaders of Africa with Bingwa children's magazine

An important partner to further Better Globe’s social reach is Child Africa International. The charity organization works to give Ugandan children an education, help renovate schools in Kenya with Better Globe funds, and they publish Bingwa Magazine with the objective to help guide African children to a better future.

Our Bingwa seal was created to support their effort to deal with one of Africa’s (and the world’s) greatest challenges; corruption. By donating to Bingwa companies may apply for our seal to promote corporate social responsibility through cause-related marketing and further strengthen their core values and brand perception. Contact us for conditions of use.

Bingwa seal benefits

  • Showcase corporate social responsibility
  • Greater focus on integrity as a core value
  • Qualified partners will be listed on our website
  • Take a clear stand against corruption
  • Online cause-related marketing
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • Cost effective

Taking on corruption

Corruption is a serious problem around the world, but corruption in Africa is tragically thought to be the greatest contributor to killing children. Corruption is and continues to be a major obstacle in a nation's ability to overcome devastating social challenges, and as such contributes to keep poor communities in a perpetual cycle of despair.

Anti-corruption programs are usually targeting the adult population, sometimes with questionable effect because of how prevalent and integrated corruption has become in the everyday structure of society. Better Globe and Child Africa therefore strongly believe that one has to work long-term and start with the children, who after all will grow up to be the future leaders of Africa.

Bingwa Magazine is therefore focusing on teaching children about honesty, integrity and other related matters in order to fight and prevent corruption long-term. The magazine is donated free to schools in East Africa with ambitions to reach more than a hundred million children across the continent.

Experience show that up to 100 children read each magazine (€20), which means it only cost of €200 to reach about 1000 children. A very reasonable and cost-effective effort to make a substantial impact against corruption. You can donate to Bingwa here.

Integrity as a core value

Most companies today would proudly proclaim that integrity is part of their business culture and core values. True as that might be there are not that many ways to showcase or promote that sentiment in a manner that is easily perceivable to the customers. With our Bingwa seal companies can with ease and clarity communicate that they through integrity take a firm stand against corruption.

Why support Bingwa?

Kenyan school girls with Bingwa

Pupils with Bingwa from Hill School, Rift Valley - Kenya

Supporting Bingwa teaching children about assertiveness, honesty, integrity, self-discipline and other areas of self development is much more than just giving a donation. We live in an increasingly globalized world and poverty and social injustice are no longer only local challenges.

Making donations to support Bingwa is a great way to showcase corporate social responsibility and that core values know no borders. For children that often do not have access to anything but old and worn school books getting to read a children's magazine that instil self-confidence really makes a big impact.

Focusing on integrity and self-confidence

In Bingwa a major focus is placed on uplifting and motivational content together with the important message of integrity to counter the many debilitating effects of corruption. Child Africa actually teach integrity as a part of their curriculum to their students. This is carried over to the magazine as part of Child Africa's dedication to counter corruption and help make a better future for Africa in general.

Better Globe and Child Africa have seen that even though anti-corruption campaigns make an impact, it is still often difficult to see major improvements with this strategy alone. In some parts of the African continent the older generation have been too accustomed to bribes. Corruption has simply become so widespread in society that the traditional anti-corruption programs are simply not enough.

Child Africa International is therefore placing great emphasis on shaping young minds with a positive attitude, and above all to inspire the children to always act with integrity. By focusing on the children we can construct a new and better future for Africa and the rest of the world.

Donate to Bingwa - Take a stand against corruption

By donating Bingwa your company takes a firm stand against corruption by putting integrity as a core value for both your company and the children of Africa. Your company get to support a healthy reading culture amongst underprivileged children and you help shape the minds of the future leaders of Africa. With as little as €20 you reach up to 100 children and all it takes to reach 1000 children is a €200 contribution. Take a stand against corruption and donate to Bingwa here.

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