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Better Globe Benefits and Our Special Advantages

The green business where everyone wins: Discover the Better Globe benefits through our portal for social change

You are about to discover a number of unique economical, environmental and social benefits that you can be part of as a Better Globe customer or Ambassador (affiliate sales person). We at BetterGlobeTrees.com also provide our own set of unique benefits for customers, Ambassadors and business partners with the aim of supporting Better Globe's vision to reduce poverty in East Africa. Together we can make a real difference.

The mix of benefits through us and Better Globe has been categorised below to reflect the potentially different preferences of natural persons, business people, companies, website owners and investors.

We are dedicated to make sure that you get the best possible experience through us while we together maximize our combined impact.

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Better Globe customer benefits

BetterGlobeTrees.com aim to list competent Ambassadors that can give you the assistance you need with anything related to Better Globe. For our customers additional information and support is just a few clicks away. The purpose of our green business portal is to assist partners and Ambassadors have success with Better Globe by focusing on synergy effects and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the Better Globe customer benefits together with the advantages we provide:

  • Be profitable while addressing: Climate change, poverty, education, overpopulation, desertification and food security
  • Trees are a convenient way of taking responsibility for your carbon footprint and become CO2 free
  • You get to support sustainable change in neglected East-African areas while having a global impact
  • You help create a safer future through activities that reduce poverty and increase food security
  • A productive alternative to charity by supporting local economy, industry and infrastructure
  • Charity is often found to increase corruption, while profitability requires acountability and full transparency
  • Annual customer study trips - Visit the tree plantations and see the environmental and social impact
  • Investments have made African countries progress, not charity - Help East Africans the best way
  • You help make hardwood timber from sustainable forestry an alternative to illegal deforestation
  • Profitability secures that your money is not lost to administration, you make a real difference
  • Every month 6 or more people you have invited buys a Donation Package you get yours for free
  • Since you are long-term profitable you can afford to help and participate on an ongoing basis
  • Annual returns on produce is paid in December giving you a convenient Christmas bonus
  • Norwegian company with 14 days open purchase, no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Buy +100 trees first month and get €1 off each tree, returns continue to be €208,25 per tree
  • Comprehensive risk management to ensure customers will get their promised returns
  • Customer access point online with everything related to your account, your trees and profits
  • Regular newsletters with annual promotions and full transparency including in depth information in Miti Magazine
  • Easy to find socially responsible and sustainable gift ideas, buy creative green and philanthropic gifts online
  • BetterGlobeTrees.com offer seals if you want to create awareness, see our seals for corporate social responsibility
  • Better Globe is a unique company with the overall mission of doing good in this world and you can help them with the objective of planting one tree for every person on earth. It is a mission that benefits all humanity, but in particular families living in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. While helping poor families prosper, you also gradually build a long-term income to secure your own future. Better Globe calls this "Prosperity with Purpose" and invites you to be part of the mission to reduce poverty in East Africa.
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Corporate & organization benefits

There are so many innovative, cost effective and profitable ways Better Globe can be incorporated into a business or organization, especially when there is a pre-existing intent for social impact or carbon offset. For this purpose we have developed partner seals that can be used offline and online to showcase corporate social responsibility.

Contact us to learn how Better Globe can be implemented with your strategy for environmental and social impact. Here are some of the benefits we offer companies, organizations, sports teams, website and blog owners, etc:

  • Improve brand perception, sales and customer retention through cause-related marketing
  • If agreed we may help support your customers with any Better Globe related questions
  • Offset all, or parts of your carbon emissions and be very profitable in the long run
  • Option to earn an income from sales on top of the returns coming from trees bought
  • Organizations can generate more money to their own cause through returns and sales
  • If needed we can help create and implement marketing strategies to promote sales
  • All activities with Better Globe are conducted online and purchases are commitment free
  • Complete transparency and disclosure, online access point with overview and invoices
  • All research and useful practices discovered by Better Globe Forestry is published in Miti
  • Easy to make your company greener by giving green and sustainable corporate gifts
  • Help turn poverty into sustainable development by turning dryland into green land
  • Help farmers and their families with education, microfinance and improve food security
  • With hardwood from sustainable forestry you help preserve natural forests and biodiversity
  • Better Globe is a Norwegian company and Better Globe Forestry in Kenya plant the trees
  • Even businesses have 14 days open purchase with Better Globe, no questions asked
  • Get marketing and exposure as a green partner with a profile on BetterGlobeTrees.com
  • Better Globe can be adapted to just about any business, organization or sports team as their strategy spans from charity to long-term profits through something similar to impact investing. It is also possible to generate additional income by offering Better Globe's products. This can be improved by including the eco products into existing loyalty programs, which in turn may strengthen the effects of cause-related marketing. It is really a chance to outshine the competition and attract more sales while maximizing your company's or organization's environmental and social impact.
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Partner & website benefits

Partners here also include supporters that are customers through us and not only those involved with Ambassador activities like selling trees or Donation Packages. Both types of partnership are perfect for websites that want a greener profile and to increase their social and environmental reach. In addition to offering cost free partnerships as mentioned below we are also open to suggestions regarding other forms of partnership or collaboration, contact us to start a dialogue.

Here are some of the benefits that Better Globe offers as well as some of our exclusive benefits, like our CSR seals:

  • Highlight your commitment and inspire others to take action on climate change and poverty in Africa
  • Erase or reduce your carbon footprint and earn up to 11.5 times the cost in profit over 20 years
  • Make your services and products, or parts of them, carbon neutral and attract more customers
  • Qualified partners get a partner profile and online exposure on our green business portal
  • It is possible to become a partner without any cost, contact us to learn more
  • Transparency and full overview of your trees (500 kilos CO2 offset per tree) and return payments
  • Outshine the competition and become the visitor's preferred choice by using our seals for CSR
  • A good example of a cost free partnership and approved use of our CO2 free seal (conditions apply) is to offer your customers carbon neutral purchases by compensating through buying trees or Donation Packages through us. This would be possible by calculating the carbon footprint of select products or services, and then point customers to a partner profile page in our portal where the customer can buy trees to compensate for their purchase.
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Ambassador benefits with BetterGlobeTrees.com

Our green business portal for social change is built to spread the message about Better Globe and to provide unique advantages for both customers and Ambassadors. By doing so we help active Ambassadors in our team to market and sell trees and Donation Packages.

Active Ambassadors are people, companies, organizations, sports teams, websites, etc that have made the required economic commitment to qualify for the income streams made available by Better Globe AS. By our definition being active also means being dedicated to provide customers and Ambassadors with support, or have an agreement with us to take on that responsibility, something that we may consider doing for corporate partners.

For more information about minimum costs, returns and environmental and social impact visit Ambassador Opportunity under GREEN OPPORTUNITY in the menu. Contact us to learn more about the income potential and how sales commissions are generated in a team effort. Below follows some of the benefits Better Globe offers together with unique advantages we can provide if you join our Ambassador team:

  • Work with something that truly makes a difference for underprivileged communities while having a global impact
  • Sell green products the world needs and that customers can continue to buy because they are profitable
  • Low-risk and inexpensive green business opportunity - you profit at least 680% regardless of sales
  • Reduce yearly costs by finding 6 Donation Package customers and increase minimum profits to 2522%
  • No inventory costs or products that you have to sell within a limited time
  • Debt free Norwegian company in business for 10 years with enormous growth potential worldwide
  • Instant product delivery with a 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee according to Norwegian law
  • Sales commissions paid 5 times per month, trees every Monday and Donation Packages monthly
  • Easier to sell to businesses because of the corporate marketing opportunity we offer through our CSR seals
  • Be part of the most comprehensive and ambitious web portal about Better Globe and get unique support
  • Committed Ambassadors get a customized profile page in our portal with links to their affiliate page
  • Access to our designs, business cards, marketing material, t-shirts and stylish CO2 free merchandise to increase sales
  • Participate in online sales through affiliate link rotation on our general sales pages and through sister websites
  • The team you build also gets access to the unique benefits we offer, which in turn can boost team sales
  • Most of us that are living privileged lives never get to see the full consequences of our consumption. With Better Globe you can counteract your carbon footprint and put your money to good use. Become part of the solution for the future through a green business opportunity that according to research will help you live a happier life because of the lives you help change. You can earn an extra income or work fulltime while saving money in trees for the future and create a greener, safer and more just planet for us all. Be part of a win-win-win concept and get involved today.
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Better Globe's environmental impact

We all know that trees have a range of benefits, many of which are environmental. It is also well established that trees in forests are far better at absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere than trees in plantations. Nevertheless we will show you how the strategy Better Globe follows vastly improves the environmental impact of their trees. Sustainable forestry in arid and semi arid lands with Mukau trees might even help reduce the stress on tropical rainforests in the future, and thus also help protect biodiversity.

Here is a number of environmental benefits you help provide, some of which are quite unique, when you buy trees and Donation Packages online from Better Globe:

  • Trees are one of the best ways of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and mitigate climate change
  • With 500 kilos of CO2 absorbed per tree it is easy to offset your carbon footprint and become CO2 free
  • Genes from a mix of the best trees are preserved, opposite of what happens in nature when the best trees are cut
  • Trees from Better Globe are planted in dry lands and prevent desertification and soil erosion
  • Trees help filter and clean water, reduce air pollutants and retain more water in the soil
  • Trees in large enough numbers may help attract more rainfall
  • Trees help cool the surroundings, particularly important in drylands with limited vegetation
  • The trees help extend the life of precious water sources by reducing fill up from soil erosion and sedimentation
  • Donated trees can consist of a variety of local species depending availability, climate and what the farmers need
  • Contract farmers learn about water management and tree planting in-between food crops, also known as agroforestry
  • When the Mukau trees are cut after 20 years and processed locally (increased social impact and less transportation, which also is environmentally friendly) Better Globe can offer high quality tropical hardwood from sustainable forestry (trees are replanted). Tropical hardwood lumber is in growing demand worldwide and a key factor driving logging in tropical and temperate rainforests. As demand rise and supply declines prices go up, potentially making illegal logging more attractive. The strategy to provide timber with Mahogany like qualities from East African dry lands can help meet the growing demand and reduce the pressure on forests like the Congo Rainforest and the Amazon.
  • Providing timber from sustainable forestry is known as a long-term and effective way of storing carbon. But with the effect trees from Better Globe can have on logging and desertification their environmental impact is greatly increased. The more trees you buy from Better Globe the more likely it is that we together can make a significant difference in the future. As mentioned also for biodiversity by providing a sustainable alternative to deforestation related to the increasing demand for tropical hardwood.
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Better Globe's social impact

The social impact of Better Globe's work is based on profitable tree planting in dry rural areas where there is very little infrastructure and hardly any jobs are available. This is where you find some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Long-term sustainable development together with foreign social impact investments is probably one of the best strategies to help people living under these or similar circumstances. Certainly experience seems to show so. Investments are also what many African leaders are encouraging over both government to government aid and charity or handouts.

Here are some of the social benefits you or your company help create when you buy trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe:

  • Jobs are created and many people, particularly women, are offered employment for the first time
  • With employment and new income opportunities experience show a drop of up to 50% in crime rates
  • Reduced soil erosion, contract farming, agroforestry and microfinance improves food security
  • Children's education is supported and local schools can be renovated together with Child Africa
  • Training in soil and water management helps farmers live better of the dry land with higher yields
  • Water donations, water tanks and wells reduce the need to walk for hours to fetch water, which is often dirty
  • Easy access to cleaner water means healthier families, improved life quality and a more productivity
  • Poverty reduction and lower mortality rates help reduce family size and population growth
  • Cheap microfinance loans from community owned banks help improve quality of life and income from business
  • Opposed to charity Better Globe's approach creates pride in people who work their way out of poverty
  • Profitable tree planting ensures accountability, long-term commitment and leads to permanent change
  • The Mukau trees that are planted and harvested sustainably from arid and semi arid lands will, as mentioned under environmental benefits, be processed locally. This means that Better Globe probably have to build better roads and improve local infrastructure in the future. More importantly it means allot more jobs, and it will bring new technology and set of work skills to the community. Local timber production secures that more of the profits remain in East-Africa and a host of supporting industries will create even more jobs and further drive economic development. Better Globe Forestry Ltd has over 10 years of experience in Kenya and a concept that is proven to work. All that is needed now to make a lasting and significant social impact is that allot more people have to start buying trees and Donation Packages on a monthly basis. Are you ready to support underprivileged communities by helping Better Globe plant more trees?

Socially responsible investing

Better Globe AS employs a financial strategy that invites customers to become stakeholders in the tree plantations in a way similar to crowdfunding and social impact investing. And although Better Globe Forestry Ltd is a forestry company and not an investment company, they still promise return payments on produce from the 5th year of ownership, and a minimum repurchase price on your trees after 20 years. But what are the actual benefits to customers who see Better Globe's eco products as a sort of social impact investment, or as an option to save in trees for a more secure financial future?

  • True diversification compared to traditional investments as trees continue to grow in recessions
  • Very good profits with 11.25 times the purchase price on trees and 6.86 on Donation Packages
  • Good strategy for saving long-term and creating a plan B for your pension, main payment in 20 years
  • There is no minimum purchase, start saving in biological assets for the future with only €17 for your first tree
  • Transparency and full overview of future payments, easy to plan ahead and set a target for returns
  • Proactive risk management in place to prevent fires, diseases, illegal logging and unforeseen events
  • High returns compared to risk, it is very difficult these days to find something as secure as trees
  • Your trees are part of 3 plantations in different areas of Kenya and backup trees are planted
  • Get a great return without investing in companies that pollute or engages in unethical business practices
  • This might be the opportunity where your money can make the biggest environmental and social impact
  • Help people in need over a longer time as it makes good economic sense to continue your support as a customer
  • For many people Better Globe represent an exciting new strategy to make a positive impact in the world while earning a good return. The profitability helps drive the social and environmental benefits and makes the strategy sustainable, not only through local development, but also for those who contribute and can afford to do so because of the long-term profits. And perhaps the greatest return in terms of socially responsible investing is the happiness from knowing that you are making a real difference for the future of the local community, the world community and your own family.

To make change happen you need to take action

The only way to create change is to take action, at least when we talk about the environment, poverty and your own economy. People often desire change, but fail to take the necessary steps and are stuck in the same old routine, and somehow they are expecting to see different results. Better Globe provides an easy to follow new approach that help solve some of our greatest challenges and anyone around the world are invited to be part of it.

Take action with us today and experience all the benefits. Make your first Donation Package or tree purchase here or contact us to learn more about how you can create social change with Better Globe.

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