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Better Globe Ambassador Audun

Hi, my name is Audun Turoey and I am the Concept Owner of BetterGlobeTrees.com, a website dedicated to inspire companies and individuals worldwide to support dryland tree planting in East Africa.

I am as the company from Norway and have been a customer and Ambassador since they got started in 2006. Now I live in Brazil where we aim to get Better Globe started and to find donors for Bingwa Magazine and Child Africa's schools in Uganda.

My professional background is from sales, affiliate marketing and B2B marketing, and I also work with natural health supplements.

As much as I enjoy working with health and nutrition, I am very aware that we need to do something about the health of the planet as well as poverty. I am therefore very glad to be a part of Better Globe, a company dedicated to poverty reduction through sustainable and profitable solutions that benefits everyone involved.

A portal for social change

Through this web portal and sister websites we provide customers, Ambassadors and partners with unique benefits to stimulate sales of trees and Donation Packages. A particular focus is placed on helping those who would like to become Ambassador and start their own green business with Better Globe. By building a strong and customer-focused sales team we aim to maximise our social and environmental impact while being long-term profitable.

I find that in today's world most companies only worry about the bottom line without caring much for the wellbeing of their clients, the environment, or any kind of negative social impact they may cause. So discovering a company dedicated to social change through dryland tree planting, which also protects our environment, and in the future is likely to have a positive effect on deforestation and biodiversity, is truly refreshing. Social Entrepreneurship the Better Globe Way represent hope for the future, and my hope is that you will join us in creating a greener future for everyone.

Travelling with Better Globe to Kenya and Uganda

Audun and Child Africa sponsor child

My sponsor child in Kabale, Uganda

Since the very beginning I have closely followed Better Globe's development and in 2009 I started to documented their progress on Facebook. In 2011, as part of their annual study trip for customers and Ambassadors, I spent 2 weeks in Kenya and Uganda visiting Child Africa's schools and Better Globe's tree plantations. I also managed to squeeze in a short and improvised interview with Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg (see below).

During the study trip I had a good time with "Better Globers" from Norway, Sweden and Greece. I also got personal confirmation that what I had been part of all these years really does have the far reaching positive effects we had all been hearing about.

A highlight which I still find difficult to put into words was meeting the girl I am sponsoring through Child Africa. Besides participating on this life changing travel I also highly recommend supporting children's education in Uganda through Child Africa.

In 2015 Better Globe finished their 7th annual study trip. And as always there is nothing but praise when people get to see with their own eyes what they are part of and the change we in unison contribute to. Here you can see the documentary from that trip.

I urge you to discover what we have to offer and hope you have taken a close look at the many environmental, social and economical benefits Better Globe has to offer. My hope is that you will make an informed and positive decision to get involved, or to contact me if you have any questions. Regardless I appreciate your visit and hope you will share our work with anyone you think would find it of interest, thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

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Location: João Pessoa, Paraíba - Brazil

Languages: Norwegian / English / Portuguese

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: BetterGlobeTrees.com

Mobile Brazil: +55 83 98190 8020 (Tim)

Landline Norway: +47 21985728

Landline USA: +1 971 340 2870

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Interview from Kenya 2011: Rino Solberg, Better Globe's CEO

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