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Our invitation to you

We extend an invitation to companies and individuals around the world with a desire to be part of a powerful new movement to create a better future. On this page we focus on collaboration with companies, but individuals can see our PDF and Green Business Opportunity.

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Collaboration with BetterGlobeTrees.com

We at BetterGlobeTrees.com offer a wide range of ways to collaborate for mutual business benefits with a focus on contributing to environmental and social change. As part of our invitation to become a business partner we will give a short overview of some of the options we believe to be most relevant for potential corporate partners, as well as for individuals with an interest in the green business opportunity offered by Better Globe AS.

Local collaboration with Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

BetterGlobeTrees.com market and sell Better Globe's products and have created, and will continue to create, unique online and offline solutions to inspire people and companies to support Better Globe's work in East Africa. Our website was the first to be officially approved and our work has the full support from Better Globe. Visit about us to learn more about what we do. As we are not official representatives for the Better Globe Group we encourage any questions regarding direct local collaboration or assistance requests on the ground in Kenya to go through: www.BetterGlobeForestry.com

Collaboration strategies and potential benefits

Profitable Solutions

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • The solutions we present through Better Globe, either it be for private individuals or companies, are long-term profitable. Profits are generated from fruits, raw materials from trees and sustainably harvested hardwood timber. Depending on capacity, interest and strategy our solutions may also become a source of income.

    With profitable solutions your company can make an impact with a long-term business strategy that contains elements of social impact investing. From a business strategy point of view it makes good sense to combine environmental impacts and social change with economic returns from trees that help alleviate poverty.

    We invite individuals and companies to join forces with us to create synergy effects and win-win-win scenarios that also benefit the world community.

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • In order to help companies highlight social corporate responsibility and showcase company values we have created 3 different seals focusing on carbon offset, children's education and anti-corruption work with children.

    We see clear benefits for companies that combine great products and services with environmental and social commitments that ultimately benefits the world community. Our CSR seals help companies communicate the desire to make a positive impact and also focus on making consumers join in on the effort.

    Enter in contact with us to start a dialogue about how we can increase awareness through strategies everyone involved benefits from. Also visit our green opportunity presentation page to learn more about our CSR seals.

Customer Acquisition

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • Customer acquisition is one of the most integral parts of running any successful business. And the strategies we present help companies attract more business and clients. But with Better Globe Forestry a customer revolution is about to take place.

    Companies in the global automotive and real estate industry will be offered unique and profitable solutions through Trees4RealEstate and Trees4Cars that will set them apart as the customer's preferred choice. Imagine telling your clients that their purchase will help plant trees, offset CO2, reduce poverty and deforestation, and even pay back 15% of the purchase cost after 15 years. These are industry specific strategies a bit outside what we offer on our website, but relevant to showcase the potential. In Brazil we will establish a company to represent the Trees4 concepts.

Customer Loyalty Programs

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • Successful customer retention is an ongoing challenge for most business owners. Any company looking to grow their market share, or wanting to maintain current sales volumes, need to have long-term customer retention strategies in place that drive customer loyalty. But how can your company remain the preferred choice?

    Explore strategies with us that include trees and Donation Packages, which come with environmental and social impacts while also paying returns to the receiver, as customer premiums, gifts, awards, or as parts of a customer rewards program.

    Create a green customer loyalty program with us that may also become an additional income source. Our CSR seals and exposure through our websites helps your company increase positive brand association through a green loyalty program.

Marketing Potential

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • Consumers reward companies that have a green or socially responsible profile, and through our solutions your company can get better noticed for your green values.

    We offer seals that can be used online and offline for promotional purposes as well as profile pages on our website, which can be expanded with more pages if there is an interest in the business opportunity. Another alternative to increase exposure through us is to offer customers the option to make a CO2 free purchase by compensating for the CO2 emissions of the product or service with trees.

    With a profile page on our website your company can share social media, website and contact information, as well as promote products and services to the world.

Brand Perception

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • How renowned is your industry for corporate social responsibility, sustainability or eco-friendly products? We help you highlight your brand as part of a socially responsible business that also wants to help make the world a better place.

    There are many ways of standing out from the crowd, but combining a high quality brand with the desire to help those less fortunate and contributing to a better world is no doubt a winner in our view. We are certain that the leading brands of the future will be those capable of looking beyond the profits of tomorrow and fully embrace corporate social responsibility. It is after all sustainable businesses that has the power to change the world together with informed and responsible customers.

    With us you can highlight your brand as part of the solution for the future.

Carbon Offset

  • co2 offset carbon
  • Position yourself as an environmentally friendly company by taking responsibility for carbon emissions. Among the benefits of offsetting carbon emissions through us with Better Globe are long-term economic returns, poverty alleviation, access to our CO2 free seal and brand exposure through our online marketing efforts.

    With the flexibility we offer carbon emissions can be partially offset, completely eliminate or a monthly CO2 offset volume can be set. And for those interested, trees from Better Globe also represent a residual income potential.

    We believe that anyone or any type of company can benefit from what we have to offer. It does not matter if you run a simple blog, run a big company or drive a taxi. Regardless your company can be part of the solution for the future.

Green Business Opportunity

  • seals for corporate social responsability
  • Better Globe AS is the sales and marketing company in Norway that offer both individuals and companies around the world the opportunity to earn an income while supporting and promoting Better Globe Forestry's activities in East Africa.

    We at BetterGlobeTrees.com have unique strategies and tools in place to help people and companies take advantage of this green business opportunity.

    With us you get online exposure, support, access to marketing material and all the help you need to show potential customers the benefit of buying trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe. And with 5 possible payouts per month and green products the whole world needs more of; we are certain that this is a great business for anyone or any company concerned with improving the world we all live in.

Download our Positive Impact Presentation

Download Positive Impact Presentation

Let's make an impact together!

As you can see from our proposed green business strategies for collaboration we have allot to offer companies and individuals around the world with social and environmental values similar to ours. If you are passionate about making an impact we hope to hear from you so we can further explore what could be our best course of action together.

In order to have an informed and productive dialogue we recommend following any links provided on the subject that peaked your interest. We have also created a comprehensive list of general benefits attached to what both Better Globe offers through their sustainable products, and what we offer through our services.

Downloading our “Positive Impact Presentation” will also help you better understand the business we base our services on before you contact us.

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