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Rodrigo Amaro - Better Globe Ambassador

My name is Rodrigo Amaro. I am a Brazilian born in São Paulo and I now live in the city of João Pessoa, Paraíba with my family, married with two children. I am a computer technician, student of Computing Science and work in the area of web development for around 15 years.

I'm one of the developers of an international immune portal and after starting to work with natural food supplements that work on the immune system, I have become more interested in natural and organic products.

I have always been concerned about the environment and particularly with issues such as reducing the use of natural resources and to help people who live in poverty. My experience from working in an international institution, that in my case worked with people in the streets and the slums of Sao Paulo, gave me the important experience of how good it is to do good for other people.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to learn about Better Globe and what they are doing in East-Africa. After being introduced to Better Globe I soon became responsible for translating their official pages and newsletters from English to Portuguese, gaining an in-depth knowledge about the company and what they do. I am also one of the developers for BetterGlobeTrees.com.

There are many benefits that Better Globe provide for both for those who participate as Ambassadors or customers, and those receiving our assistance: We help poor people in Africa to become self-sustained (farmers), by supporting education (children) and professional and financially with cheap microfinance loans (particularly aimed at women). And we who buy trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe get the pleasure and happiness that comes from helping others, as well as a very interesting financial return on our trees. So get started today and help people less fortunate than yourself in a way that really works; the Better Globe Way.

Miti Magazine by Better Globe Forestry Ltd

Something I find very interesting is that Miti is a magazine, that in addition to excellent graphic quality, shares techniques and curiosities about the experiences that Better Globe and other persons / organizations have in East-Africa, where they plant trees in arid and semi arid lands. And by showing farmers how to make money under these difficult circumstances Miti becomes a part of Better Globe's main objective; to help eradicate poverty in Africa and plant at least one tree for every person on the planet. I think Miti goes a long way to show the incredible depth of Better Globe's work and dedication to reach their goals.

What other company do you know of that share all their accumulated business "secrets" in a public magazine?

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Location: João Pessoa, Paraíba - Brazil

Languages: Portuguese / English

Skype: arvoresbetterglobe

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +55 83 98170 0311 (Tim/WhatsApp)

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