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Einar Steinshaug - Better Globe Ambassador

My name is Einar Steinshaug, I am Senior Executive Ambassador in Better Globe and a part of their sales and support team. I live in Orkdal, Sør Trøndelag, Norway and have 3 children who are all customers of Better Globe.

A short summary of my background:

  • Have been involved in sales-oriented business since I was 18.
  • Have run a shop and a training studio.
  • Own and operate several properties which I rent out.
  • Now working full-time with sales in Better Globe.
  • Working full-time as a lecturer in Better Globe.
  • Was in East-Africa (Kenya / Uganda) for 16 days in 2009 and saw all our activities in the two countries.
  • Have worked full-time in Better Globe since 2010 and know everything about the company's operations.
  • Am today the mentor and coach of a larger number of Better Globe Ambassadors who constantly find new Ambassadors and are selling trees and Donation Packages to customers throughout the world.

Anyone can currently contribute to the environment and a better world by purchasing trees and Donation Packages from Better Globe. I hope you will contact us to find out how you can participate and possibly become one of the Ambassadors presented here on BetterGlobeTrees.com

We welcome new customers and Business Associates with open arms, together we create a better future!

Go green and buy Donation Packages or trees online with Einar

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Miti magazine issue 18

Location: Norway, Trondheim

Language: Norwegian

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +47 93497893

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