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We are a group of independent Better Globe Ambassadors dedicated to support the activities of the Better Globe Group and Child Africa. We do so with their full support and our green  business portal is the first independent Ambassador website to be officially recognised and get Better Globe's seal of approval.

On our website we promote their socially responsible and sustainable green products made available online through a form of crowdfunding. The trees and in particular the Donation Packages sold to people worldwide help finance Better Globe Forestry's tree planting strategy in arid and semi arid land (ASAL), as well as other local initiatives to reduce extreme poverty in East Africa.

With our green web portal we wish to inform companies and individuals of the economic, environmental, commercial and social benefits of supporting Better Globe, and just how easy it is to become part of the solution for the future. Contributing to permanent and positive change the "Better Globe Way" is as easy as it is rewarding, and we are here to help you make the best of it.

Our main objectives:

1. Find new consumers willing to buy trees and/or Donation Packages on an ongoing basis (one-time purchase also available) to help underprivileged communities out of poverty.

2. Find companies and individuals willing to become Better Globe Ambassadors like us and promote their products for a commission on sales.

3. To support our customers and help our Ambassadors create a successful green business and become profitable with Better Globe.

4. To find Seal Partners and develop a good and lasting relationship that is profitable while helping Better Globe create a better world for us all to live in.

5. To clearly and accurately convey the economic, environmental and social benefits of supporting Better Globe through a form of crowdfunding that also has much in common with social impact investing.

6. To raise funds and awareness through branded merchandise and third-party green and sustainable eco products in order to further develop our green web portal, reach more people with our green movement and better support the objectives of Better Globe and Child Africa.

7. To find tree donors for the Trees4Family.com initiative by Better Globe Forestry and help Child Africa find sponsor parents for children, donors for the construction and renovation of schools, and donors for Bingwa Magazine.

Our vision

To become the most important Ambassador initiative online to support Better Globe and help companies and individuals around the world improve their environmental and social impact the Better Globe Way.

Our goal

By providing unique benefits and support we aim to get as many people as possible involved with Better Globe, Bingwa and Child Africa to maximize the social and environmental impact in East-Africa while being profitable. We also want to support the education of children and Child Africa's anti-corruption campaign using Bingwa Magazine to teach integrity to the younger generations on the African continent.

Ambassadors on BetterGlobeTrees.com

Below you find our associated Ambassadors. Contact them if you want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a customer or Ambassador with Better Globe through us. If someone specific has sent you to our website we urge you to go to their profile and use their affiliate link to make your first purchase. You can also contact them to learn more about what we do and to clarify any doubts you might have.

Visit Ambassador Profiles

Audun Turoey - Ambassador profile

Concept owner - BetterGlobeTrees.com

Location: Brazil, João Pessoa - PB

Languages: English / Portuguese / Norwegian

Mobile: +55 83 98190 8020

Skype: betterglobetrees.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Buy from Audun (AID code 13970): www.betterglobe.com/13970

Rodrigo Amaro - Ambassador profile

Webmaster - BetterGlobeTrees.com

Location: Brazil, João Pessoa - PB

Languages: Portuguese / English

Mobile: +55 83 98170 0311 (Tim / WhatsApp)

Skype: arvoresbetterglobe

E-mail: [email protected]

Buy from Rodrigo (AID code 19652): www.betterglobe.com/19652

Einar Steinshaug - Ambassador profile

Senior Executive Ambassador

Location: Norway, Trondheim

Language: Norwegian

Mobile: +47 93497893

E-mail: [email protected]

Buy from Einar (AID code 13970): www.betterglobe.com/13970

Dagfinn Rognerud - Ambassador profile

Better Globe Ambassador and Oficial Support Team

Location: Norway, Lesja

Language: Norwegian

Mobile: +47 40413600

E-mail: [email protected]

Buy from Dagfinn (AID code 13970): www.betterglobe.com/13970

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