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Child Africa - Giving African children an education
Happy Child Africa pupils

A charity organization that integrates deaf children while building integrity and self-esteem

Child Africa International is a product of Julie Solberg's burning desire to help children in her home country Uganda. The Norwegian registered NGO was co-founded with her husband and now Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg. So it was only natural to incorporate Child Africa in the Donation Package when Better Globe was conceived.

With funds coming from the sales of Donation Packages Better Globe customers have over the years contributed to the funding of Child Africa's schools in Uganda. Through the charity organization Better Globe has also renovated 2 schools in Kenya, one close to the Sosoma tree plantation and the other close to the Kiambere tree plantation. Many of Better Globe's customers also support Child Africa through various charity donations and by becoming sponsor parents to help more children in Uganda get an education.

Humble beginnings

Child Africa school in Kabale

The new Child Africa school in Kabale, Uganda

For years what was to become Child Africa was run on private funds and the operation was only made possible thanks to volunteer work. Today the Ugandan charity organization cares for well over 900 children in Uganda, they have built 2 schools and a 3rd with a capacity of 2500 children is well on the way. The new school will also accommodate at least 200 deaf children that otherwise would not have gotten an education.

If you want to help Child Africa, the charity organization still needs funds for equipment, more school buildings and even bricks. There are also many children in need of sponsor parents in order to get an education. You can make a charitable donation on their website.

Working with deaf children

Child Africa already have good experience in working with deaf children and making sure they are well integrated. To help facilitate integration both the hearing students and teachers are taught sign language. A social inclusion project utilizing SMS messages on cell phones that Child Africa was a part of even got coverage by the National Geographic.

Child Africa deaf children enjoy learning

The work Child Africa does with deaf children is nothing short of amazing, something those of us who have visited the Ugandan charity have all witnessed. Deaf children in Uganda are at risk of being neglected and hidden away by their own families out of shame we have been told. Coming from poor families self-esteem is often the first thing Child Africa has to work on with both hearing and deaf children, as well as letting them know that they are loved and have people who care for them and will support them.

Communication is in many ways something that sets Child Africa apart as they also let sponsor parents communicate directly with their sponsor child. You can login to their page and both send and receive messages. You also get background information on your child with updates and can even follow the education of your sponsor child and see their school report. Your contribution is transparent and you will both hear and see the results of your ongoing support.

Bingwa - Fighting corruption with integrity

Bingwa cover issue 13 - Save the children. Africa Child Day.

In 2010 Better Globe Forestry launched their high quality tree business magazine Miti for anyone interested in dryland tree planting. Soon after Child Africa launched Bingwa Magazine for the children of Africa. The Bingwa editorial team also works out of Better Globe Forestry's headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg is the Chairman of the Editorial Board for both magazines.

Bingwa Magazine is donated to schools in East Africa with the intention of reaching all of Africa. At first Bingwa Magazine was created to give kids a positive reading culture, which is much needed as many school children did not have access to anything but old and worn school books. Bingwa, which means champion in Swahili, teaches children about their rights, their culture, their place in the world, self-esteem, the environment and many other things local school books normally would not cover well, if at all.

The main objectives of Bingwa is now to build children's self-confidence in order to make them “Champions” with honesty and integrity that can fight corruption. Many African countries are plagued with corruption, which has a devastating effect on the ability to make social progress. Child Africa's strategy is to reach out to the young generation, who are the future leaders of Africa, and teach them about integrity as a tool to combat corruption both now and in the future.

As the author of the free e-book “PUT INTEGRITY FIRST - The right way to get success in Africa (and to fight poverty and corruption in the process)” Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg is well suited for the all out attack on corruption launched through Bingwa Magazine. Child Africa also has a high emphasis on teaching children integrity at school through role play and other forms of teaching. Their experience in teaching about the negative effects of corruption while instilling self-confidence and integrity is now being shared through Bingwa Magazine and other channels.

To promote corporate social responsibility we have created a Bingwa seal that can be applied for by companies, websites, blogs and even individuals that support Bingwa. Donating to the magazine is a effective way to help give children the foundation they need to create a better future for themselves and perhaps even their country.

Experience show that up to 100 children read each magazine, so that means that with the €20 it cost to donate 10 magazines to a school, you can make an impact on somewhere around 1000 children at a very low cost. Take a stand against corruption here with Child Africa and donate Bingwa Magazine.

Better Globe CEO talking with Jack Canfield about Bingwa Magazine

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Award winning charity

Child Africa wins Tumaini Awards 2014 - Education category

In many ways 2014 was a breakthrough year for Child Africa. Competing with about 50 other charities and NGOs in Uganda Child Africa won their first international award. They won in the "Education" category, which was the biggest group of the prestigious Tumaini Awards Program that year.

Child Africa was also chosen to arrange "The Day of the African Child" in 2014. The same year they also got significant support from the Save the Children Fund, more commonly known as Save the Children. Child Africa received a donation of $50.000, helping them print 50.000 more copies of Bingwa Magazine, and with distribution help from Save the Children they also reached 5 new African countries with Bingwa.

Support Child Africa International

Child Africa is a great charity to support and to further motivate that we have also created a Child Africa seal. To anyone that have visited them the results with the kids are very visible. By focusing on life skills and adapting education to the children's need as well as dealing with integrity and self-discipline, everything is in place for positive transformation. But the organization can do so much more if they can only reach out to more children. So here are a few options to help them through charitable donations or social entrepreneurship, we hope you can help through at least one of these options:

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Child Africa International - Giving African children an education

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