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With a mission to help reduce poverty in African countries Better Globe is committed to plant at least one tree for every person on earth.

Get to know a truly green company

Better Globe Forestry Ltd was incorporated in Kenya in 2004 and has its headquarters in Nairobi. Commercial sales of trees and Donation Packages started in 2006 and the Norwegian company Better Globe AS is the main sales and marketing channel for Better Globe Forestry. This also means that all Better Globe customers including companies are protected under Norwegian consumer laws.

The Better Globe companies was founded by CEO & Chairman Rino Solberg who together with his wife Julie Solberg also co-founded the Ugandan NGO Child Africa International back in 1991. Today Better Globe collaborates closely with Child Africa and support them through the Donation Package, which is Better Globe's most important product for social change in Africa.

Better Globe AS together with a few other companies have sales and marketing agreements with Better Globe Forestry Ltd, which allows Better Globe AS to sell Better Globe Forestry’s products with a repurchase agreement. At the moment it is Better Globe AS that can offer the best conditions for potential customers / social impact investors in terms of economic returns paid on trees. Customers are promised a minimum of 12 times the retail price in returns on trees and 7.8 times times the retail price in returns on the Donation Package.

Better Globe AS does not really have any products of their own, but instead sell trees and Donation Packages for Better Globe Forestry Ltd in Kenya. Both companies belong to the Better Globe Group, which is a handful of independent companies that all have poverty reduction in Africa as a common goal. The companies in the Better Globe Group have all been started by Better Globe founder Rino Solberg and all play a part in his vision for social change on the continent.

Rino Solberg is a Norwegian entrepreneur with an extensive business background and he has also written a few books. Those include “Social Entrepreneurship the Better Globe Way” and “Put Integrity First - The Right Way to Get Success in Africa”. Together with Bingwa Magazine from Child Africa the book “Put Integrity First” is part of the effort to counter corruption in Africa and is available for free download in one of our Ambassador profiles.

Better Globe Forestry - Humanitarian and environmental activities

Better Globe Forestry focuses on agriculture, education and tree planting in ASAL (arid- semi arid land) to help underprivileged communities leave extreme poverty. The people who get education, jobs, training and support mainly consist of poor farmers and their families. Better Globe Forestry collaborates closely with the local communities surrounding the tree plantations and they also fund community based microfinance and help rural communities with water supply and water management.

A significant part of the social activities are funded through the worldwide sales of trees and Donation Packages by Better Globe AS in Norway to customers around the world looking to support sustainable development in Africa.

Lawrence Muema with the Taxpayers Award

The year 2015 was important for Better Globe and their work against corruption by focusing on honesty, integrity and good business practices.

In an annual event by the Kenya Revenue Authority attended by H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta and other prominent guests Better Globe Forestry was awarded the Kenya Revenue Authority Distinguished Taxpayers Award 2015 for Best Corporation Tax Yield in the class of Small & Medium Enterprise.

The Distinguished Taxpayers Award was received 21st of October in the name of the company by Lawrence Muema, the Finance Manager of Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

Better Globe Forestry also joined the Green Initiative Challenge together with KenGen Foundation and Bamburi Cement Limited. The Green Initiative Challenge is a 8-year project with 120 million Kenyan shilling in partnership funding to green schools in arid and semi arid lands. Better Globe Forestry is contributing with their expertise in dryland tree planting and 59 million Kshs to the Green Initiative Challenge, just under USD 580,000 at the current exchange rate.

Group photo with H.E. the President Uhuru Kenyatta

The green initiative aims to bring tree benefits to over 900 schools and 140.000 students in Kenya together with training in how to care for the trees and assistance with water catchment. The trees that will be planted at schools within the three participating counties of Kitui, Machakos and Embu and will consist of draught resistant Muveshi and Mukau trees, as well as Pawpaw and Passion fruit trees. In the early stages of 2015 over 17,000 trees have already been planted.

Environmental awareness is incentivized by giving schools that can show the highest survival rates for the seedlings additional prizes. This project was started by the KenGen Foundation, which is part of Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited's (KenGen, Kenya's leading energy company) CSR program.

With the mission of making Kenya a greener, healthier and wealthier place in which to live Better Globe Forestry focus on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits. You can read more about the complexity and thoroughness of how the company approach the challenge of alleviating poverty in conjunction with the local population, institutions, the government and other stakeholders in the Miti article marking the company’s 10 year anniversary: "Pioneers in plantation forestry in Kenya’s ASAL"

In addition to having the government’s support Better Globe Forestry Ltd. in Kenya work and collaborate through MOU's and other types of agreements with important partners like:

Social entrepreneurship and crowdfunding is better than charity

African countries that are seeing economical growth are predominantly doing so through foreign investments, which is what African leaders have been focusing on for years now. Investments are needed to improve infrastructure, reduce corruption and create economic development and a sense of achievement. So even though some forms of emmergency aid and charity are still important, it is investments and in particular social impact investments that are needed for social and economical progress.

With Better Globe good people across the world can from the comfort of their own home take part in a concept that takes elemets from crowdfunding, social entrepreneurship, social impact investing and charity. We hope you will show your support and buy sustainable products from one of the very few companies we actually need on this planet. Take action with us and be part of the solution for some of the greatest challenges the world community is faced with going forward.

Doing good with Better Globe

Better Globe have customers in more than 70 countries and amongst them you typically find people and companies concerned with poverty eradication, environmental protection, sustainability, biodiversity as well as customers motivated through the prospect of doing good and helping others while being profitable. Ambassadors can also earn an income by selling the products, a great way to increase your income while maximising your environmental and social impact.

Better Globe also offers a convenient way of becoming CO2 free by compensating your carbon emissions by helping to plant trees where they are most needed. Each tree absorb 500 kilos of CO2, so if carbon neutrality is an appealing prospect Better Globe Trees and Donation Packages are great ways of getting there. We at BetterGlobeTrees.com have also developed a special carbon neutrality concept in addition to the certificate Better Globe offers anyone who buy 12 Donation Packages in a year, visit the page about our "CO2 free" seal to learn more.

We all know we need more trees on the planet

With +20.000 customers and Ambassadors around the world Better Globe is an untapped market. The timing is right, as most of us are becoming aware that charity alone is not the way out of poverty, we can't continue to pollute and cut trees forever, corruption and illiteracy worsen poverty, desertification needs to be reversed to improve food security and helping others is a great path to a happier and more fulfilling life. With a mission to reduce poverty in African countries Better Globe is committed to plant at least one tree for every person on earth, but for that to happen many people have to start buying trees and Donation Packages on a regular basis. Will you become one of these people?

Miti Magazine - The tree business magazine for Africa

In 2009 Better Globe Forestry successfully published the first of its kind high quality tree business magazine in East-Africa. Miti Magazine is now become the main reference for tree planting and afforestation in ASAL (arid and semi arid land) by foresters and other scientists, farmers, investors, students and those in tree and timber related industries.

The magazine features interviews with success stories from farmers, practical knowledge from companies, institutions and organizations, related business articles and much more. To everyone's benefit Better Globe Forestry also share all their findings to help readers implement the best strategies to succeed with tree planting and agriculture. In many ways Miti Magazine works as a positive training program on how people can save the environment and make money though tree planting in ASAL.

Miti means "tree" in Swahili and the business magazine is now together with Bingwa Magazine from Child Africa a part of the package required to become a Better Globe Ambassador. Both magazines are edited at Better Globe's headquarters in Nairobi and are excellent high quality tools to better show potential customers what Better Globe is all about.

Get free downloads of Bingwa Magazine, Miti Magazine as well as Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg's book on how to deal with corruption called "Put Integrity First" by visiting the profiles of our listed Better Globe Ambassadors.

Tree species and other ways to buy trees

The tree species that are mainly planted at the different tree plantations in Kenya by Better Globe Forestry are Muaku Volkensii (African mahogany), Apple Mango (type of mango) and Acacia Senegal (gum arabic). When trees are donated there are often more indigenous species to choose from depending on location and local environment.

Through Trees4Family.com you can also donate fruit and nut trees to school children, which will help give the schools food to feed the children for up to 30 - 40 years. This project also intend to help children to learn more about trees, how to protect them and their importance to the environment.

Trees4Expenses.com is a smart new way to neutralize all your expenses and get everything you spend day to day in return over 17 years. By adding 7.5 percent on top of your spendings and buy trees for that ammount everything you spend is returned to you. This is done in a different way that if you buy trees from Better Globe, which has a higher return, but also takes longer to realize. With Trees4Expenses you get a payment after 10 years that covers the 7.5 percent you added to neutralize you expenses, and year 17 all your dayly expenses are returned (that you covered with 7.5 percent in trees).

Better Globe Group

The companies that belong under the Better Globe Group are registered in Kenya, Uganda and Norway and are all in some way related to Better Globe's strategy to reduce poverty in East Africa. Here is the current company list:

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Better Globe CEO Rino Solberg talks about Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

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